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May 03 AT 11:49 AM Matt Demers 23 Comments

Adobe employees to receive free Android phones

The whole “Flash vs. Apple” debate seems to be each side taking a series of shots at each other, so why not add one more to the mix? Cnet reports that with Adobe looking to show off Flash for Android at Google I/O, the company will also be receiving free Android phones (that support Flash, of course) for their employees.

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Apr 17 AT 3:14 PM Eric Weiss 31 Comments

Nexus One Car Dock review (photos & video)

When the car dock first made a cameo appearance in the “Nexus One: The Story – Episode 1: Concept & Design” video I knew I needed one. And when Google announced it was available for sale I was one of the first to place my order. Does it live up to the $55 price tag?

Mar 17 AT 11:12 AM Clark Wimberly 7 Comments

On demand: Android and Me Show 006

We had to take last week off due to scheduling conflicts but we are back today at our regular time, 2PM CT (3 PM ET / 12 PM PT). Each week we broadcast live to discuss all the biggest Android happenings of the week, all while taking your calls and hanging out in the group chat. Come join us on the BlogTalkRadio page to get in on the fun.