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Jun 15 AT 12:49 PM Alberto Vildosola 27 Comments

Gingerbread finally arrives on Verizon’s Droid 2 Global, tons of improvements in tow

Droid 2 Global’s users rejoice. You can now join the somewhat exclusive club of people that own a Gingerbread-powered Android device. Verizon announced this morning that Droid 2 Global users can now download the much-desired OTA update right from their phones. Menu Key > Settings > About phone > System Updates > Download, and that’s ... Read More »

Dec 17 AT 11:25 PM Taylor Wimberly 147 Comments

“I had a dream that I turned on my Fascinate, and I saw it prompting me to update my operating system to Froyo”

“Tell us your Dream…” read the headline on Samsung Mobile’s recent Facebook update. A quick read through the comments shows that Samsung has many customers that are frustrated with the lack of software support for the Galaxy S phone.

This isn’t an isolated incident either. I wrote back in July that Samsung had ... Read More »