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Jul 08 AT 11:43 AM Guest Blogger 22 Comments

AT&T HTC Aria review

AT&T has been notably absent in the Android game, offering a pitiful offering of phones with the exception of the Nexus One… but that’s not really offered by AT&T. Fortunately for those AT&T users out there, there’s finally a crop of pretty good Android phones coming up, including today’s review: The HTC Aria ($130 with ... Read More »

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Nov 19 AT 1:46 PM Taylor Wimberly 8 Comments

T-Mobile Samsung Behold II review roundup

There was initially a lot of confusion over the official hardware specs, but we were able to clear that up. The Behold II is essentially a first generation Android phone because it features the same 528 MHz ARM11 processor which was included in the G1. Samsung also decided to ship the phone with the outdated Android 1.5, but they claim it will eventually support Android 2.0.

Sep 17 AT 11:47 PM Taylor Wimberly 12 Comments

Sprint Hero review roundup

Sprint Hero review units began shipping out this week and reviews started showing up today. The general consensus is that the device is awesome and it will be the best Android phone available for American customers when it launches October 11, 2009.