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Sep 15 AT 12:35 PM Taylor Wimberly 16 Comments

PlayStation Suite SDK should bring PS Vita games to Android

Early this year Sony Computer Entertainment announced the PlayStation Suite program which was designed to deliver the world of PlayStation to Android based portable devices. So far we have seen three PlayStation Certified devices (Xperia Play, Sony Tablet S, Sony Tablet P) and that number should continue to increase now that Sony has announced ... Read More »


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Mar 10 AT 5:33 PM Taylor Wimberly 17 Comments

PlayStation games coming to Tegra smartphones and tablets this year

Today NVIDIA announced on their Tegra Zone app that Sony’s PlayStation Suite will be coming to Tegra-equipped Android phones and tablets later this year. PlayStation Suite is a hardware-neutral game framework designed to bring the PlayStation experience to Android devices.

The report did not mention which Tegra devices would be PlayStation certified, but ... Read More »

Jan 27 AT 10:27 AM Taylor Wimberly 25 Comments

PlayStation Suite will bring PS One classics to Android 2.3 devices

Today Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced PlayStation Suite, a hardware-neutral game framework to bring the PlayStation experience to Android phones and tablets. SCE will start a license program called PlayStation Certified, where they will work with hardware manufacturers to “ensure the delivery of PlayStation quality experience across various devices.”

Devices that become PlayStation Certified will ... Read More »