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Feb 09 AT 2:38 PM Edgar Cervantes 17 Comments

Is a Samsung Galaxy Android camera in the works?

As he mentioned during an interview last October, Andy Rubin’s dream is to see Android on every screen. A couple of years ago, that might have seemed like something impossible, but we are getting very close to such a world. With Samsung being one of the biggest players in Android, we are not surprised ... Read More »

samsung-galaxy-camera Image via: Xataca

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Jan 11 AT 10:23 AM Anthony Domanico 20 Comments

Polaroid SC1630 phonecamera is great on the camera, not so much on the phone

Polaroid has made a phone for the camera enthusiasts; one look at the Polaroid SC1630 and you can immediately see that the device’s primary function is a camera. In fact, the back of the device looks almost identical to many point and shoot cameras on the market today, and from looks alone you may be ... Read More »

dsc00699 Image via: Engadget