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Oct 02 AT 6:25 PM Taylor Wimberly 141 Comments

7 things you should know about pre-paid smartphone service before you switch

It is no secret that I despise carrier contracts and locked Android devices. As Amazon puts it, “A locked cell phone benefits only the carrier by keeping a customer using their service.¬†Unlocked phones give consumers more control of plans, pricing, and services and make carriers work for you.”

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Oct 01 AT 1:00 PM Taylor Wimberly 20 Comments

AT&T launches new “affordable” pre-paid smartphone plan, cost more than everyone but Verizon

Today AT&T announced they were lowering the price of their GoPhone pre-paid smartphone plan to $65. This new rate plan includes unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and 1 GB of data. AT&T claims this new rate plan is affordable, but that’s only when you compare it to Verizon.

“As more of our prepaid customers choose smartphones, ... Read More »