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Jan 30 AT 1:15 PM Dustin Earley 16 Comments

ClockworkMod Touch beta goes live for Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S

Android developer Koush has been working on a touch enabled version of his popular ClockworkMod Recovery for quite some time now. He posted a teaser video on Friday, January 27, ¬†and already there’s a beta version available to download for the Galaxy Nexus and GSM Nexus S.

Announced on Google+, both versions (Verizon CDMA, international ... Read More »

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Apr 08 AT 12:00 PM Matthew Stevens 5 Comments

Android’s 5 Most Forgettable Applications

There are applications you can’t live without and others that are not worth your precious, limited space. Then there are those applications you can’t live without but don’t remember them until they’re gone. I’m talking about those applications that once installed, fade off into the background yet are anything but useless.

Rings Extended

Without Rings ... Read More »