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Twelve South Fermata headphone charging stand review

With headphone jacks disappearing from all of our favorite devices, it looks like Bluetooth headphones are now the future for phones. Carrying around dongles isn’t our idea of convenient.

Unfortunately, a big inconvenience of using Bluetooth headphones is keeping them charged. You always have to keep an eye on battery level (thankfully this will be ... Read More »

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Fender Newport Bluetooth speaker review

Fender is known for making guitars and amplifiers that are easily recognized by nearly anyone. So it’s no surprise that the company is getting into Bluetooth speakers. The Newport is the cheaper of the pair, offering the classic guitar amp look paired with most of the Bluetooth basics.

Price: $199.99Battery: 12 hoursConnectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 with ... Read More »

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Archeer 25W Super Bass Bluetooth speaker review

This one is for the bassheads out there. If there is one thing that most Bluetooth speakers lack, it’s bass. I’m not talking about low-end rumble, I’m talking about actual impact. Bass usually requires enclosure size, and portable speakers lack this. However, there are exceptions.

Price: $69.99 Battery: 5,200mAh, 11 hours Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, ... Read More »

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