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Jul 20 AT 11:11 AM Nick Gray 52 Comments

Samsung Captivate launches on AT&T

AT&T customers rejoice! The Samsung Captivate (a Galaxy S phone) has launched this weekend on AT&T’s network.  I know, this post comes pretty late, but I wanted to get a little hands-on time with the new Captivate before sharing the news.  If in the last eight hours you jumped ship and moved your number over ... Read More »

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Jul 15 AT 4:17 PM Taylor Wimberly 68 Comments

What is the fastest Android phone?

In the early days of Android, most devices featured the same 528 MHz ARM11 Qualcomm processor and their performance levels were pretty comparable. It was not until Verizon launched the Motorola Droid that we began to see the next generation of chipsets being used, which offered new features like enhanced graphics processors.

Fast forward to ... Read More »