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Feb 03 AT 10:42 AM Anthony Domanico 26 Comments

Samsung and Corning announce joint venture, Lotus Glass coming to future Galaxy devices

The super scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass quickly became the gold standard for Android smartphones when it debuted over a year ago. Gorilla Glass made it so that it was okay if you happened to throw your phone in the same pocket as your keys, pens, or a tomahawk.

Samsung and Corning have ... Read More »

lotus Image via: George Lu with Creative Commons
Aug 11 AT 3:24 PM Dustin Earley 24 Comments

What’s in a name? Samsung seems to know

If there’s one thing I feel very strongly about when it comes to the smartphone biz (all platforms and manufacturers included), it’s names. I cannot stand the crazy silly names some companies come up with for their phones. If you’re going to continue a series of devices, then a simple number after a name should ... Read More »


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