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Mar 21 AT 3:33 PM Brooks Barnard 0 Comments

[US only giveaway] Win a Neo smartpen N2, a device that stores your written words on your phone

There are many situations in which¬†physically writing is so much more convenient than typing on your phone or your computer. Everything around us is becoming more digital, but nothing has replaced the pen and paper. A computer or phone just isn’t fast enough or free-form enough for me to capture all my thoughts and ideas ... Read More »

Neo Smartpen N2-1
Sep 18 AT 10:02 AM Brooks Barnard 0 Comments

A back to school gift for your favorite geek: The Neo smartpen N2

In a world with Google, where our searches and Google Docs can be transcribed from our speech, the necessity of typing or physically writing things down is diminishing rapidly. But there are countless situations where writing is still absolutely necessary. We can’t vocally take notes on our phones or computers during a lecture.¬†We can’t always ... Read More »

Neo Smartpen N2-1

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