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Feb 11 AT 7:42 PM Dustin Earley 13 Comments

Google Now updated with NCAA basketball support

With March Madness right around the corner, excitement surrounding NCAA basketball is ramping up. Google is taking advantage of the timing, and has released as update to Google Now that enables users to manually add NCAA basketball teams to the sports card.

Before the update, the appearance of select NCAA teams was sporadic at best. ... Read More »

ncaa basketball Image via: Murray State with Creative Commons
Mar 31 AT 12:30 PM Clark Wimberly 19 Comments

A Nerf ball with 9-axis inertial sensing motion processing with integrated Bluetooth? There’s an app for that.

File this under things you didn’t know existed but now that you do you totally want one. We were just emailed a video of someone demonstrating Perfect Spiral Trainer, an app powered by what the guy is calling his Replay Football system, which tracks a modified Nerf ball in-flight and reports back all sorts of ... Read More »