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Mar 01 AT 2:16 PM Taylor Wimberly 71 Comments

$99 ZTE Nexus 5? Why not?

Could Google offer a premium mobile experience on a $99 Android phone this holiday season? I have no knowledge of Google’s plans, but I saw evidence at Mobile World Congress (MWC) that suggests it’s definitely possible if they wanted to. By the end of this year, consumers will be able to purchase smartphones that exceed ... Read More »

Feb 19 AT 9:00 AM Taylor Wimberly 11 Comments

NVIDIA reveals Tegra 4i chip with integrated LTE, positions chip as a Snapdragon slayer

Today NVIDIA revealedĀ its first mobile processor with a fully integrated 4G LTE modem, the NVIDIA Tegra 4i, which finally places them on an even playing field with Qualcomm. The Tegra line of chips have beenĀ successful in capturing a good chuck on the Android tablet market, but the lack of an integrated modem has slowed the ... Read More »


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