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Jul 29 AT 1:40 PM Dustin Earley 10 Comments

ARMA II: Firing Range THD for Tegra devices available in the Market now

The still air of the firing range. The weight of cold steel in your palm. The smell of gun powder exciting your senses. Welcome to ARMA II: Firing Range, a realistic firing range simulator for Tegra-based Android devices. Fresh in the Market from developer Bohemia Interactive, ARMA II: Firing Range is the first ARMA series ... Read More »


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May 06 AT 2:22 PM Anthony Domanico 11 Comments

Pinball HD launches for Tegra2 devices

When Nvidia announced that they would be partnering with device manufacturers to bring awesome phones and tablets to market sporting its new Tegra2 processors, it was only a matter of time before we started to see increasingly complex, graphically-intense games come to the Android platform.

Today, Nvidia has partnered with Gameprob to bring Gameprob’s popular ... Read More »