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Sep 25 AT 9:52 PM Taylor Wimberly 20 Comments

Texas Instruments to exit OMAP from smartphones and tablets?

Today Texas Instruments announced it would “shift its wireless investment focus from products like smartphones to a broader market including industrial clients like carmakers,” a move that sent their shares down 3 percent. TI said they would continue to support their current customers, but they will not invest in supporting its customers future roadmap for tablets ... Read More »

Jul 05 AT 11:52 AM Edgar Cervantes 19 Comments

Netflix HD app to stream at 1080p, but only for Texas Instruments OMAP 4 processors

NVIDIA and Qualcomm seem to get all the love when it comes to processors for Android devices. While these are powerful processors, we can’t forget about our good old friends from Texas Instruments (TI), whose processors are very capable of running all your content. To prove this, Texas Instruments has just announced they ... Read More »

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Feb 07 AT 3:14 PM Taylor Wimberly 12 Comments

Texas Instruments reveals OMAP5, multi-core Cortex-A15, products slated for second half of 2012

Today Texas Instruments announced their new OMAP5 platform, which they think till transform the concept of mobile because it “creates disruptive mobile experiences akin to Henry Ford’s transformative automobile advancements.” The 28nm OMAP5 platform features over a dozen specialized cores, but the ones we care about are the two Cortex-A15 MPcores which offer speeds ... Read More »

Dec 08 AT 9:00 AM Taylor Wimberly 12 Comments

Texas Instruments announces dual-core 1.5 GHz OMAP4 for second half of 2011

Today Texas Instruments announced that their new OMAP4440 processor will be go into production by the second half of 2011. This dual-core processor boasts clock speeds of 1.5 GHz per ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore and it includes a PowerVR SGX540 GPU. The OMAP4440 also includes other feature enhancements like the ability to support 1080p stereoscopic 3D playback ... Read More »

Oct 28 AT 12:33 PM Taylor Wimberly 3 Comments

TI OMAP3 powers the NOOKcolor

When we first learned of the NOOKcolor, technical details were limited, but we are starting to learn more about what powers this unique e-reader hybrid. Barnes & Noble needed a powerful processor to power applications and video on the NOOKcolor’s high-resolution display so they teamed up with Texas Instruments to implement their Read More »