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Mar 08 AT 9:33 AM Anthony Domanico 66 Comments

NVIDIA to challenge Apple’s claims that the A5X bests Tegra 3 graphical performance

Well, Apple certainly pissed off our friends at NVIDIA yesterday when they claimed the quad-core graphics in the A5X processor found in the new iPad offers 4 times the graphical prowess of the 12-core GPU in NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 platform. Since Apple failed to produce any benchmarking data on which they’re basing their claims, ... Read More »

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Feb 27 AT 9:10 AM Anthony Domanico 31 Comments

ASUS announces Transformer Pad 300, replacement for the OG Transformer?

ASUS continues to go all out on the tablet market. Their 10.1″ Transformer Prime TF200T tablet was released back in December as the first quad-core Tegra 3 tablet on the market, and since then they’ve announced the 10.1″ Transformer Prime 700T (complete with HD resolution and other enhancements), and the 7″ ... Read More »

ASUS Transformer Pad_TF300 Image via: Anandtech
Jan 18 AT 3:00 PM Dustin Earley 62 Comments

GPS issues? ASUS will refund your Transformer Prime or give you an extended warranty, if you live in the UK

Since its release, the ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 has been met with its fair share of praises and criticism. Its been called the fastest, smoothest Android tablet to date, but user reports of WiFi and GPS issues are all over the web. When ASUS announced an upgraded Prime TF700, complaints reached a fever pitch, with ... Read More »