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Feb 02 AT 6:53 PM Edgar Cervantes 36 Comments

Google introduces Bouncer, keeps Android market free of malicious apps

Smartphone security continues to be a hot topic in the Android ecosystem. Whether you believe this is much of an issue or not, Android is the most popular mobile operating system, and the bad guys are known to target bigger markets. Google is not keeping its arms crossed, and they have just revealed Bouncer, a ... Read More »

bouncer Image via: Anuj Biyani with Creative Commons
Aug 10 AT 12:52 PM Justin Shapcott 35 Comments

Kaspersky reports Android’s first SMS-based trojan

According to Russian security firm Kaspersky, Android has been hit by its first SMS-based trojan. Claiming to be a media player, the offending 13KB Android Package (APK) requests permission to send SMS text messages on behalf of the user.

Once installed, the application then proceeds to send premium rate SMS text messages without further consent ... Read More »

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Dec 10 AT 2:37 PM Angie Wimberly 44 Comments

Is Android a Trojan Horse?

Google holds a pretty intimidating role in many markets, and therefore isn’t always the most welcome contender. We had a feeling this might be the case, and in this video, we hear an opinion of Google’s role in the GPS market with Google Maps Navigation.