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May 24 AT 11:23 AM Edgar Cervantes 18 Comments

Twitter acquires Tweetdeck for $40 million

Tweetdeck is about the most popular third-party Twitter client, and it can arguably be better than even Twitter’s official website and apps. The Tweetdeck team has definitely done an outstanding job with the way their client is set up, and functions, while also being consistent from platform to platform. This client is available for desktop, ... Read More »

May 14 AT 4:24 PM Matt Demers 8 Comments

Tweetdeck working on mega-project for Android

While you would think that the announcement of first-party Twitter apps for smartphones would stunt the amount of third-part news, Tweetdeck isn’t slowing down. In a blog entry posted earlier today, the popular Twitter client unveiled the development of a mobile web version of their client, which has up until now been a “secret mission”.

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