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Jul 06 AT 5:14 PM Alberto Vildosola 38 Comments

While Microsoft chases Android OEMs, Google is about to own 40% of the US smartphone market

Are you ready for your weekly dose of Android growth news? You better be, ’cause comScore is back with its smartphone market report. And guess what? Android’s still growing. Also in the “doing good” section, Apple’s iOS keeps widening the gap between itself and RIM’s Blackberry. That’s pretty much all the good news; ... Read More »

Jun 06 AT 11:03 AM Alberto Vildosola 10 Comments

comScore: Android keeps growing, iOS passes Blackberry, and WP7′s on life support

comScore is back with its monthly smartphone report, and the results are anything but surprising. Just like we’ve been seeing for the past 18 months, Android is still growing at a rapid pace. A bit more interesting though, is the fact that Apple’s iOS surpassed RIM’s Blackberry during the month of April. This ... Read More »

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Apr 13 AT 5:28 PM Alberto Vildosola 39 Comments

Microsoft tests WP7′s and Android’s browsers speed, we’re not surprised about the results

At Microsoft’s MIX conference this morning, the company took the opportunity to briefly make some comparisons between Windows Phone 7 and Android. One of them was browser performance, something Microsoft has been talking a lot about recently with the launch of IE9. Windows Phone VP Joe Belfiore, took a moment to test a Microsoft-built benchmark on a WP7 phone, ... Read More »