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Dec 04 AT 4:54 PM Dustin Earley 0 Comments

HTC HD2 receives Marshmallow port

Yes, you are reading that title correctly. After years upon years of receiving unofficial ports of every version of Android and a few other operating systems to boot, the HTC HD2 has just received a working port of Android 6.0, Marshmallow.

Working is a relative term, of course, as pretty much nothing besides the screen, ... Read More »

Nov 23 AT 1:52 PM Anthony Domanico 30 Comments

XDA member gets cease and desist letter from Android OEM tracking software maker, fights back with help from EFF

An XDA-recognized developer TrevE (Trevor Eckhart) received a cease and desist letter from Carrier IQ, a company that produces software that allows OEM manufacturers of Android devices to track everything consumers do on their smartphones. Carrier IQ’s software is embedded at the kernel level in devices made by the likes of Samsung, HTC, and several others, ... Read More »