25 Days of Christmas winners…

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I’m not really complaining, trust me I’m The Doctor, but I just wanted to know if anybody could answer me this: Why are the winners so random? I don’t mean why they are chosen at random. I mean, why have some winners been chosen for the first few days, then some days are skipped, then some more winners, etc? Thanks to anyone who can (at least try to) answer me. Merry Christmas!

  • Daniel Hakimi

    *Tegra.* 25 days of *Tegra.*

    You are not The Doctor.

    I’m pretty sure the winners have mostly been chosen, but some haven’t accepted yet, or agreed to have their names posted, or some such. A couple might legitimately be MIA, and they might give the prize away to somebody else, but don’t count on it.

    • jak2rocks

      Thanks Daniel, I appreciate it.

  • SGB101

    Is there a list of winners, i wasn’t aware any had been drawn!

    • bear831

      I second this. Where can we see a list of currently drawn winners?

      • nicotinemind

        Here : http://androidandme.com/tegra/

        Theres a link in every contest.

        • w5t1h7

          thanks! i didnt know where to see the winners!

      • jak2rocks

        androidandme.com/tegra If you’re on your phone, use the desktop view.

    • tkarel

      Check out  http://androidandme.com/tegra/  for a list of winners.
      ^ ^ ^ First attempt at posting a link in this forum

      On that page, across the top you’ll see either pics or default avatars for the people who have gotten announced.

      Maybe AndroidAndMe might provide status updates. Instead of “Winner (coming soon)” for Day 18 (as of 13:40 GMT on 25 Dec., 2012), they could show three or four status messages.
      – Coming soon
      – Chosen
      – Notified
      – tkarel -or- Prefers to remain anonymous.

      This would increase the amount of hand-work during an already busy time of year, but it would build confidence in their readers. I, too, have wondered about all the “Coming soon” winners.

      NOTE: Thanks to AndroidAndMe for doing this at all. I have entered the contest on the days I could and plan to visit and remain active through the other eleven months of the year.

      Lastly, here here Daniel. This thread’s starter is not The Doctor. However, he does seem rather fond of Rule #1.

      • RhynosAndroid

        We don’t talk about Fight Club? Because you’re right, nowhere in the op did he speak of Fight Club…

        Of course it could also be Cardio, but I heard no mention of Zombies.

        • RhynosAndroid

          Of course if you’re referring to the Doctor lies, then we have quite the paradox don’t we?

          • tkarel

            Yes, quite the paradox indeed.
            Welll, maybe not quite the paradox. But still today’s most intriguing paradox.
            Weellllllll, not the MOST intriguing paradox of today.

  • jak2rocks

    You guys are hilarious. Thanks for getting the reference though.

  • jerrbomb

    Yeah I didnt get to claim my prize for day 5 until dec. 19th.. Thats when I got the 24 hour notice.. I cant figure out when my prize will show up or when my name will be put on the board… Maybe someone can fix it or they just havent had the time..

    • SGB101

      Congrats man, How was u informed?

      • SGB101

        Cogs tick fast around here, was you responsible for the ‘follow’ subscription email i just got?

      • jerrbomb

        Via ema

        • SGB101


          • jerrbomb

            I meant email.. Lol

    • jonstle


  • LadyDi

    I know I missed out as I was logging in on a Twitter account that I don’t think has an email attached. Then, I started logging in through Disqus. I hope I can get a 2nd chance in there somewhere.

    Thanks for the possible answer Daniel H. I was wondering the same thing as OP. Kinda wish there was a update like tkarel suggested. ;-)

  • LadyDi

    Scroll down in this link to see Clark’s response on the winners and why the updates to the winners list are a wee slow.


    • jonstle

      Thanks for the link!

  • Ankushpm

    No idea sir….

  • sonicdeathmunky

    I wasn’t sure about this, but Daniel’s comment makes perfect sense. Hooray! Merry Xmas!

  • Madel

    Aren´t you more excited when there is cooming soon? You can still believe that you will be the next winner. If the status will be changed to – Chosen – Notified – Prefers to remain anonymous then we are loosing hope that we can win.

  • MisterLee

    double checked my email to see if im a winner…. FAIL!

  • KOBesucker

    Nope, no email. Going to sit in the corner and cry now.

  • leemy

    :o/ I searched around but it’s unclear how to raise my percentile rank to the minimum required. Is it strictly off post count?

    • klcow92

      nope, it includes upvotes by other members as well…

  • Ezy03

    still probably they haven’t accepted

  • LadyDi

    I just hope my contact info is correct. I’d hate to be a winner and I’m unreachable. Ugggh

  • rond

    Is there an email address that I should check to see if I am a winner. Just want to make sure it doesn’t get lost in my in box!

    • jak2rocks

      I’m wondering the same thing…

  • MisterLee

    I forgot that i commented here as a fail… on Jan 4th i got an email from Taylor saying i was randomly selected.as a winner! Day 19 . Gave him my address and he responded pretty quickly that i’ll receive an email from NVIDIA which im still waiting for … Patiently might i add lol

  • HowlPendragon

    We were either lied to, or they’re just lazy, as predicted.