25 days of Tegra 2012

Posted Dec 23, 2012 at 9:35 am in Threads > Opinions

Androidandme has been non stop with awesome giveaways well worth entering each contest (granted you qualify). Even so, the thought of entering is worth it. For those who have entered and/or been watching the progress of each giveaway, what are your thoughts on the devices being put out for giveaways? What device were you hoping to win. And for those of you who did win, have you recieved your device? Are you satisfied? For everyone else, is there anything about the contest you woold change or is it perfect as is? Sound off below. I for one am very satisfied.

  • LadyDi

    I hope to win a tablet as it is something I can trade off the old for to a needy nephew.. I think all the gifts Android and Me has put up have been fabulous for those who are entering to win them, Best of luck and Happy Holidays to the OP and others that follow in discussion!!

  • jerrbomb

    I couldnt agree more.. Androidandme does best when it comes to giveaways.. And everyone gets a fair shot.. Awesomeness.. Happy holidays

  • ldouglas64

    Haven’t won anything yet but I have learned a lot from everyone’s posts. This is one site I know I will be staying active on. Maybe then, I can qualify for more chances next year :-) . Good luck to everyone & Merry Christmas.

  • gavinb

    I’m really impressed with the prizes…. Just need one to play with.

  • gh0st665

    I love Android and Me’s contests (seriously, not sucking up here). The prizes are always top-shelf. I just wish the winners of this contest were announced a bit quicker. Other than that that, it’s been awesome.

  • thymeless

    It’s a good selection and variety of devices.

    At the tablet level, outside of Asus, there’s some design struggle with very large bezels and not much grace. They’re still good products, but need some design refinement.

    The phone and entertainment devices have a good high degree of design style.

    • jerrbomb

      I agree with yu to an extent.. But at the price of free.. Yu have to.be happy.. Lol

  • nandy

    well i would love to know how to find the winners ? i mean where have they posted the winners