5″ screen phones the only high end devices in 2013?

Posted Dec 28, 2012 at 10:10 pm in Threads > Opinions

So it seems like the new rage is 5″ 1080p screens which seems will be what most high end phones are(DNA, rumored Samsung, lg, etc) Personally for me I think this is fine if ey shrink the bezel. Any thoughts? Would you rather see phones get smaller or donyounlike this trend?

  • cjleines

    I don’t think that I want a phone bigger than my galaxy sIII. I am hoping that they bring 1080p screens to something even a tad bit smaller than the s3. I have bigger than average hands, but those 5+ inch phones just feel to big for practical use. Would rather buy a Nexus 7 at that point.

    • redraider133

      Hopefully they can shrink the bezel and make it about the same size as the s3 while having the larger screen.

  • Bryan Stoner

    Galaxy Note 2 size is awesome. I look at other phones like they were meant as Honey I Shrunk the Kids props.

  • kazahani

    The rumored DROID RAZR M HD (which A&M seems to have missed) is said to have a 4.5″ screen with minimal bezel and a small overall form factor. It’s running this year’s tech (dual core S4, 720p screen), but if they cram a nice big battery in there then I will be jumping all over that. I agree with you guys that I don’t really want or need anything bigger than my Nexus, and actually a little smaller might be nice.

    • kazahani

      I guess my point is that we have finally gotten to the point where I don’t see any killer new features that I need in the next batch of phones. I don’t need a quad-core chip in my phone, for crying out loud. I doubt anyone is able to notice the difference between 720 and 1080 on a screen that’s only 5″. I just want to find a phone that has a nicely sized display (4.5″ is the sweet spot for me I think.) with minimal bezel and a small form factor that fits in my hand, with the largest battery possible. Moto will have a winner on their hands if the RAZR M HD turns out to be such a device.

    • redraider133

      I just hope moto doesn’t skip on something like the camera like they have been in their devices. Plus that is going to be a mid range device(rumored) and would like to have something a little more future proof, more ram would be nice, I really notice a difference between the s3 and maxx with the added extra gig of ram

  • sandy105

    htc droid dna ,and –oppo; huawei; zte; sony also bringing confirmed 1080p 5″ phones it certainly looks so.
    however i feel with a thin bezel it should be manageable .
    but from personal experience 4.3″ inch screen is the perfect ,balanced size for me..
    and to be fair 1080p on anything smaller would be an overkill and waste :P

    • redraider133

      It’s all for marketing so they can use it as one of the selling points

  • mecky33

    I have a Moto Razr Maxx for work and a HTC Droid Incredible 2 and I much prefer the Incredible 2 size wise. the Maxx doesn’t fit well in pockets and adding any type of case to it makes it that much larger. I like a lot of the features of the new phones but its funny that we spent so much time wanting smaller and smaller feature phones and now they can’t make a smart phone that is big enough.

    • redraider133

      The overall size of the phone has a lot to do as well. The larger s3 feels better in hand compared to the maxx because of how moto made it boxy. I think if moto rounded the corners it would feel more comfortable IMO.

  • jonstle

    I am not sure as to what the new defining thing for high end devices will be. It seems to me that we are at a stalling point when it comes to phones. (other than the expected screen resolution and processor upgrades.)

    I am thinking it will soon take something else to make a smart phone “high end” just not sure what that will be. Thinness, smaller bezel (or none at all, like some high end tv’s)… I am excited to see what hardware manufactures can come up with.

  • Kerb

    I hate my Galaxy nexus, the battery sucks on my 4th one!!! I personally am either leaning toward the Note 2 or wait for the S4!! Quad core everything the DNA is but comes with a 13 mp camera!!! Bout time they upgrade the cameras!!!

    • redraider133

      I hope they work more on the sensors for better cameras rather than just sticking in higher MP because that doesn’t always make for better pictures. The 2 things I would like to see improved is larger batteries and better cameras. This should be a great year for android.

  • spidremann

    I think the size of phones are fine for now, however, I agree that bezels need to shrink (or disappear). I do not think batteries need to be bigger, but the efficiency does need vast improvement, and they need to stay removable. I would love to see the Lytro light field sensors in the phones to decrease lag time.

  • Ryan Gails

    My only beef with 5″ 1080p screens is how much they will effect battery life. I’m all for a big beautiful display but I don’t want to have to charge it all the time to get through a day of “good use.” Battery tech is the next thing that needs to be revolutionized if we are going to keep demanding beefier phones.

  • kevjj10

    I’m not opposed to 5” displays since my hands are big and its wouldn’t be a problem, I do enjoy the size of the Galaxy SIII and while the Note II isn’t particularly hard to handle for me, I’d like for the phone to be the near the size of the SIII with a shrunken bezel, but I could deal with a larger phone if it came down to it.

  • masterpfa

    5″ would be fine personally as I find using the Galaxy Note II not to be a problem. I do like the idea of less bezel especially top and bottom to achieve the 5″ screen while keeping overall size of the phone down

  • ibap

    My daughter loves her Rumor Touch. I’m not interested in watching movies on a phone. How about faster and no larger as a goal?

  • vivid

    4.5″ is about perfect. 5″ is just that little bit too big for me.

  • nicotinemind

    My phone has to fit my pockets comfortably in summer, when pockets get fewer. Even if the summers are quite short here in Finland. I guess 4.5″-4.8″ is at the max. At the moment at 3.8″ and happy.