9 promo codes for Radiant Defense

Posted Apr 14, 2012 at 9:41 am in Threads > Apps & Games

Hexage hooked me up with 10 promo codes for their new game Radiant Defense. The game is free to play, but the promo codes unlock some of the weapon packs inside the game. First 9 people to leave a comment get a promo code (I used the other one :)


  • orangestrat

    Pick me! I totally love Hexage games, like the original radiant :-) delightfully old school

  • forero99

    I want one, tks Taylor! I love the game

  • http://www.lifequill.com Canterrain

    That’s pretty awesome! Good way to promote the threads! I’ll take a code!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      sent, sent, sent. 6 left.

      • Killerbeasts

        Need a
        Promocode please

  • Craig

    Hey I’ll take one Taylor, awesome thanks

  • Jayce

    Love to get one too. Thanks. ;)

    • brian

      plus send me one

  • Calvin

    Thanks, I love the game

  • Cole Loomis

    I will take one please.

  • Richard


  • http://a1.blogspot.com EwanRGR

    Any left?

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Seriously, anymore for me? :-D

  • sithkick

    Me :D

  • dozz

    Mouah hahahahaha

  • Morgann

    The best tower defence on the market. Rate 5/5. This game is amazing, I fall in love with him. Plz plz i need one :):):):)

  • alexandr.ioffe

    Love td games! Give me one please!

  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    Thanks everyone. Sent all the codes out.

    • Jayce

      Thanks Taylor. Received mine. =D

    • Cole Loomis

      Thank You

  • Shumbok

    Ah see it one day too late. ive you get anymore. i would like one :-) great Tower Defense and i love Tower Defense.

  • Amromun

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo I missed it :(

  • onur

    have you got more ?

  • alex

    do you have any more codes???please please please

  • hakim

    Can we use the same code for two different games

  • Kyle

    Can I have mine. Please!

  • silviu

    would you please give me 1 code? i like this game and i dont have to much money to afford it :( and is very hard begining with 4th mission.. :( i managed to pass 4 and 5 mission but 6 is almost imposible …

  • Gap

    I want one … Please !

  • Mike

    Sweeeeeeeeeet! Any left?

  • tyremyv5

    Are there any left?

  • Gardi

    pleased code i need money

  • sud

    1 for me pls…i am addicted to hex

  • dmcgee4646

    Pick me I’m addicted to the game

  • dylen

    great game! One of my favorite tower defense games, i can’t stop playing

  • Qoi

    will you send one for me.. i am in the philippines hard for me to have one.. please just one code

  • winfield varner

    I just got into this game very addicting..love it!!

  • Nuseestate

    delete my topic, admins, plz

  • EA

    Please, my son ask one and he was crying a lot :(

  • louttaunny

    delete this thread, moderators

  • googapsell

    delete my thread, moderators

  • evistetlef

    not needed, delete this 22

  • Eli0117

    I’ll take one to hexgames have been the best game I played so far even radient

  • ThePratama190

    I Like all the Hexage games except for Everlands

  • PrettyMillion

    shoot i wanted one ..guess its too late :(

  • wil knight

    I really want a promo and want to unlock all weapons.

    Thank you

  • mhps

    Hi please send me a code . I need .pls

  • Paolo

    Dai manda il codice che il gioco è bello ma non riesco ad andare avanti

  • mart

    can i have some code

  • shayan

    hey…i’m from iran and i cant do any thing,even i cant visit hexage website…:(
    i need these codes…

  • anson

    i love this game can have the code plsssssssssssssss…

  • jay

    Great way to promote this game , thanks for the hook up

  • Medrict

    Would you be so kind as to give someone without a credit card a code?

    • Medrict

      Oh I also love this game but forced to stop cause I can’t complete…I like to do it on my own

  • rednation

    i want a promo code


    i need promo code pls and how ?

    • Teebor

      Go back in time around 9 months to when this thread was started and then post. You might possibly stand a chance of winning a copy then ;)

  • Songfeather

    Oh crap I am soooo late! I could really use a promo code I made a lot of purchases for my android version and now I’m on an ipad and have to start over.. But this Time I don’t have the money to do it.

  • JJ

    snappy game.. very challenging and FUN!!

  • mike brodnik

    can. I please have some upgrade codes?
    I’ve been stuck on lvl seven for months!

  • mbrodnik

    the best tower defense game out there! if I can just get some promo codes maybe I can play the rest of the levels!

  • jonstle

    That is one fun game, been playing it for a while now and love it!

  • abde

    I need one plz

  • ymc mcgovern

    can I get one plz plz plz

  • Atta

    Hi need help

  • Atta

    Its a great game

  • Atta

    What a game

  • Atta

    I need promo code

  • Atta

    How i can get free promo code

  • Atta

    Stuck on 13 stage

  • Atta

    Sorry on 11 stage

  • Atta

    How can i get promo code

  • Atta

    Send a promo code please

  • atta

    I need a promo code please

  • atta

    It will be helpful to me

  • atta

    Can you tell me what are promo codes

  • atta

    Can you tell the promo codes

  • Awagssarpes


  • Killerbeasts

    Can I please have a promo code

  • qba

    i love this game can have the code plssssssssssssssssss…

  • chaz cruz

    please send me a promo code cause I’m a big fan of this game..

  • chaz cruz

    please send mo a code? I almost finish this game but the suddest part I failed cause I can’t use those upgrades..

  • chaz cruz

    please send mo a code? I almost finish this game but the saddest part I failed cause I can’t use those upgrades..

  • Silverserenity

    Im hoping that you gave me one :) thanks

  • Travis woods

    I am hooked on radiant this game draws you in and keeps you playing I love all hexage games my two favorite games are robotek and radiant would you plz hook me up with codes for the games Perty plz. who ever read this needs to get with the hexage movement. LMFAO!!!

  • William

    Need promo code please

  • Jordan

    If you’ve got any left I would appreciate it, if not thanks for offering. That’s really cool of you to give them out. Thanks.

  • Mr.vu

    Mission 4. And don’t go
    Pls ,. I need code

  • milly

    Please give me the code I made it to the boss and can’t beat it