About those Nexus 5 rumors…

Posted Sep 25, 2012 at 6:39 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Yesterday GSMArena reported that HTC was making the Nexus 5. I believe Google will have a Nexus 5, but I do not think HTC will be making another Nexus device anytime soon. We recently met with HTC in NY and the vibe I got from them told me they want nothing to do with the Nexus program after the HTC Nexus One was a complete bomb.

I’m fairly confident that LG will be making a Nexus phone. I was told that it might be based on the Optimus G, but new information I have says the design might be slightly altered. Specifically, I was told that LG’s Nexus phone would be a “phablet” with a 5+ inch display.

It could be possible that GSMArena heard there would be a Nexus 5 and that led them to speculate it would be the rumored HTC One X5. Based on all the info I have, it sounds like the Nexus 5 will be the LG Optimus G with a 5-inch display.

I don’t know why they felt the need to bump the display from 4.7 to 5.0, but maybe they are using LG’s new 1080p display. This sounds absolutely crazy, but that might be what LG is going for.

Almost every Nexus phone has been a disappointment in one way or another, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up. It’s still something interesting to think about though…

  • kazahani

    While the Optimus G makes me little-girl-giddy with excitement, I’m just not quite sure that I’m ready to have a phablet as my everyday device. I did adjust to the GNex’s 4.65″ screen, but I’m nervous to go bigger. (queue TWSS…)

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I’ve been using the GS3 lately and I don’t mind the 4.8 inch screen. If they keep the bezel down, then I might be ok with 5.0. I always loved to play with the Galaxy Note and its huge display, but I never carried it around as my daily device.

  • Bpear96


    1 Low end
    1 Mid range
    1 High end
    1 Phablet
    1 Nexus 10 tablet

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Low end – Gnex 2
      Mid range – Motorola RAZR M
      High end/Phablet – LG Optimus G
      Nexus 10 – Sony

      • mfg68

        Why can’t we have a high-end AND a phablet? Making the only high-end Nexus a 5″ monstrosity is a problem. It’s keeping people away that would like a smaller phone. And saying “Want a smaller phone? Buy a lesser Nexus” is not an option!

        GOOGLE: Give us a high-end Nexus with a screen no bigger than the Galaxy Nexus. Giving us something like that could be the tipping point to get many new smartphone owners to pick up Android.

        • kazahani

          I can tell you from firsthand experience that new smartphone customers aren’t interested in a Nexus device. They are interested in what they’ve seen on TV (RAZR, GSIII) or else they are interested in a bargain device that won”t cost them much.

          • Bpear96

            Why cant the Nexus device be on TV? If Google wants to make there Nexus phone more mainstream, then yeah your right. They have to make a killer ad, and broadcast it on TV, not just on YouTube.

            IMO that little sentence they put on Google.com when the launch a new device, is killer. No other company has access to that :D

          • Manny Fleurmond

            Well, people seem to want the Nexus 7, which has been advertised, so it seems that Google just needs to advertise the heck out of any new Nexi

  • jian9007

    Dammit Taylor, you had to kill my excitement so soon? You could have at least waited another day so I could dream. I hope we hear something more concrete on the next Nexus phone soon. I really wanted HTC to make a Nexus. I suppose if the next Nexus is based on the Optimus G with it’s specs that I’ll have to settle for it. Thanks for keeping us updated, even though sometimes the truth is painful.

  • Mix

    I am not really huge on the 5″ screen but if the next Nexus is a 5″ LG screen with the Optimus G guts…..sign me up.

  • v t abraham

    Since the volume of Nexus phones sold is probably not going to be big I doubt that LG would go to the trouble of creating a whole new phone in a 5 size. A new production line for small anticipated volumes makes no sense unless they are coming out with a 5 size phone of their own which I have seen no indication of.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      What if the new display was only available in limited quantities? It would make more sense to put out a Nexus device before pushing it into their flagship smartphones next year.

      • TheDave

        This would make a tun of sense from a developer standpoint. Give developers the perfect tools to make software that will run on a future flagship device (pre-emptive developer support), as well as gain some traction with developers in the first place by giving them a beastly developer platform to play with.

  • Jay

    Dammit Taylor fuck your vibes. I wanted a dream team of nexus devices and till evidence proves otherwise Im sticking to it. Ass.

  • kilmas

    i hope that we get allot of nexus devices so i can easy choice which device i want.the 1080p screen form LG look amazing,i want that in my next nexus device.

  • Esoth

    It’d be a shame if HTC decided to opt out of the Nexus program at this point in time. It’s somewhat understandable that the Nexus One didn’t do well at the time because no one knew the Nexus name. Now, with the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7, it might be worth trying again.

    I’m a little saddened by the drop in sales by HTC, especially since they do still make amazing devices. Another Nexus phone from them would up their street cred among developers and those who like to meddle in ROM-flashing, and hopefully it would also translate to a boost in sales. Wishful thinking….

  • www.phonewbie.com

    “Nexus One was a complete bomb”

    That was a part of Android and Google’s growing pains. They shouldnt look at it that way. This would be a blown opportunity for HTC as they have many loyal fans ready to buy anything they put out, especially a Nexus.

    • SGB101

      To true, the nexus one was the really the first decent android, and the following in them days was next to nothing. Out of every one i knew, only me and my lad, used android.

      The nexus1, may not of sold well, partly down to Goole mess on sales (they didn’t learn), but the sister device, the HTC Desire was a big hit, (in a small pond), and was still selling well in the UK 18 months after launch.

      • SGB101

        They should of slapped a nexus sticker on the One X+, and they would have sold a shit load more.

  • Ahmedh

    I am so happy that the Nexus 5 will be made my HTC… however, I do not think that it is accurate. I think Sony will be producing because…. HTC has already made the Nexus device once and they ditched it because it was not profitable for them.

    Nexus 5 will have a 5 inch screen… and you can view some more of my predictions here:

  • murali.ram

    Next Nexus phone may be from Sony or Motorola, just a guess…