Aio Wireless, anyone try them?

Posted Sep 22, 2013 at 7:16 pm in Threads > Opinions

So I am really fed up with verizon and considering switching to prepaid once my contract is up next month and was wondering if anyone tried this aio ( and if so what results they had. Price seems good and get att coverage(tmo prepaid is out because of this reason) and like it better than straight talk because it gives you a set amount of data before being throttled. Thoughts?

  • Sai

    There have been mixed reviews on aio. has numerous reviews and comments on this topic. Take a look

  • ranwanimator

    If you’re really looking for a change, then why not switch to republic wireless? Have to buy the phone, but the plans are super cheap and no contracts. They’re getting the Moto X soon too.

    • redraider133

      I was looking at that but dont want to be stuck on a CDMA network( sprints) and not have access to nexus devices.

  • miles

    They are no contract, so you can give them a shot and if you dont like them, no need to renew for another month. I too am thinking about them as their pricing is a lot less expensive than what I currently pay with at&t for what seems like more. Interesting considering it is a subsidiary of AT&T. Make no sense to me.

    • redraider133

      It seems all of these prepaid are cheaper because they aren’t sticking you with a fee for subsidizing phones, so I guess that is the only real downfall is you pay full price which I currently do anyway with verizon to keep unlimited so it wouldn’t be anything new. Plus with this I could get a nexus and not deal with all of the CDMA BS from verizon.

  • Travis

    I’m currently trying out aio, I love it! Way better than Sprint. I was trying gophone at the same time, both good, but you get the extra data with aio and its cheaper. Gophone has better customer service. So long as you’re not calling customer service all the time you should be good.

  • TheVoodoo

    I have been on Aio for just over two months, having switched from Solavei. Below is a summary of my email experience:

    - Their website and account portal is more polished than some other competitors, and includes (daily) data usage reporting, which beats Solavei’s NO data usage reporting. One can also add extra features and change plans very easily. And if stuck, a quick chat (even on mobile devices) puts capable customer service representatives at one’s disposal.

    - Pricing is phenomenal, with $70 flat, including all taxes and fees, for 7 GBs of high-speed data, and $55 for up to 2 GBs, and finally $45 for 250MB.

    - They also have a third-month-free promo, with certain rules, of course.

    - The network coverage is of course as good as AT&T, since it is on the same network.

    - However, data speeds are limited to 8 Mbps when connected via LTE, and 4 Mbps when on an HSPA network. For me, that is still better than the very spotty T-Mobile coverage in our area, and lack of LTE with Solavei; but it does make me a bit upset that my partner gets 3 or 4 times higher speeds with the same phone on AT&T standing right next to me. I would rather have 5 GB at $70, but no speed limit.

    In closing, I am considering trying Brightspot, T-Mobile ‘s new MVNO, which does have T-Mobile LTE access, to see if that would have better coverage than I did on Solavei.

  • James Trent

    Aio has terrible customer service! After only 2 months, my Nokia Lumia 620 crashed after it downloaded Windows updates. After an hour on the phone with an Aio rep, I finally said that I did not want another Lumia, but to please give me credit toward purchase of another phone. They would not give me any refund for unused days that I had already paid, nor credit toward another phone. What a rip off! Also, do not buy a Lumia 620! These phones have a bad habit of crashing and are difficult to sync with a computer. My wife and I now have Apple iPhones 4S on AT&T’s network. BEWARE!

    • Dennis

      In now way was it aios fault that your phone crashed after a windows update that has nothing to do with their services it is a device issue that has nothing to do with your service provider yes they may sell the phones but the only thing they control is the services to the phone itself if the phone has technical issues beyond a service stand point put the finger at the manufacturer and there are certain limitations that customer reps are given when they assist customers they cant always send out a replacement or give you money towards a new one if there was no physical or liquid damage most phones have a 1 year limited warranty (90 days if refurb) try going through warranty