Airbag Frank 3D: A review slamming into your device at Mach 6!

Posted Aug 29, 2012 at 3:27 pm in Threads > Entertainment

Recently I was hunting for some kind of light, fun game that might occupy some bathroom time. Sure, pretend like you don’t do it too. It needed to not occupy a ton of time, have simple controls, be free or low cost and preferably steer clear of in app purchases (IAPs). I ran across Airbag Frank 3D from drahtwerk and decided to give it a shot.

The banner in the play store pretty much sold it for me. A crazy image of some of the weirdest creatures all slapped together in one game. A quick download and install later and I was on my way.

Airbag Frank Play Store Header
Image courtesy of Play Store.

I was initially disappointed that there were precisely ZERO instructions. The game doesn’t tell you how to do anything requiring you to trial and error until you get the hang of it. Not exactly user-friendly. It’s not exactly complicated, though, and before long I was slinging poor old Frank into the upper atmosphere of his strange little world.

Here’s how it works. Frank jumps into a slingshot, you pull back the slingshot aiming it in the general direction of up, release said slingshot to fling Frank into the air. As he flies you can throw fruit at him to make him go farther, this is useful as he starts to slow down on the ground with the ultimate goal of making Frank go as far as possible to the right of the screen. At first he isn’t able to go very far, but a system of coins is present that allows you to purchase various upgrades that allow frank to be flung further or bounce higher or destroy obstacles.

Wait. Did he say coins? I thought he said no IAPs. Fear not loyal reader for I would not lead you astray. The coinage system is completely free of IAPs. The only way to get more coins is to fling Frank repeatedly. I cannot tell you how proud I am of developers who take this business model. drahtwerk do have an alternate “Gold” version of the game, which is basically the donate version as it adds no additional content, for the arguably steep price of $2.45 USD. I consider purchasing the gold version their reward for keeping IAPs out of the game.

Back to the game. Power-ups include different cosmetic suits for Frank, various increases in jet packs, additional fruit purchases, a cupcake which makes Frank GIANT, additional creatures that help frank on his journey, and coin multipliers. If you have a pair of two color 3D glasses there is even a mode to enable anaglyph 3D effects.

It really didn’t take long for me to max everything out which was a little disappointing, but I keep coming back to it for one main reason. It cracks me up. You’ll understand after the first time Frank slams into the ground after being hurled into space.

So I consider this recommended. What do you have to lose aside from a few minutes in the bathroom? It’s free, it’s strange and funny, and has the bonus effect of being clean enough that I’ll let my 2 year old play it from time to time. You should check it out. If you like it, make sure to support the devs so they can make more.



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