An iPhone 4 user walks up to you and says…

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“Hey is that an Android? Well im an a regular person who bought an iPhone just because the mainstream media told me to. If you can explain to me the difference between Android and Apple, and what makes your phone better than mine, I’ll go buy one right now!

How would you respond? What would you show or tell that person to open his/her eyes to Android?

  • d1292b

    Matter of preference. They both have strengths and weaknesses. Try it out and see for yourself. I prefer android.

    • bolanrox

      this is the perfect answer IMO

      • Joel

        Thats true, it will always be a matter of preference, but if approached and had to give YOUR opinion, how would you do it?
        Otherwise the person would just walk off thinking there must not be any fundamental difference.

        • bolanrox

          really how much of a diff is there to the average user? They both text, make calls, take photos, have apps, access the internet. if you are familiar with one, you can definitely work the other. :)

          • rdot

            well unless you started of with apple cause the how simplicity off the iphone will to me dumb down some ppl so when they get to the android system they complain thats its to difficult

        • Taknarosh

          I wouldn’t want to convince them to get an Android because I sold it to them like a salesman.

          I’d much rather tell them about the pros and cons of each platform and have them see which matches what they want.

          If it is that case that after telling him about the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms the person decides to stick with their iPhone well that’s the best scenario.

        • suzigriffith

          I gotta smart phone, bcuz I’m not

    • aranea

      I don’t think you’ll make a good sales rep. There are several advantages that you should point out then let them choose. See my list below.

  • bolanrox

    I want to say she is joking, but my wife keeps saying how big my nexus is, and how it must be a tablet. I even put it and her iPhone next to each other to show her how it is is barely a 1/2 an inch bigger…

    kinda funny actually. I suppose it is payback for me always calling any blue tooth headsets dongles.. still does not believe me that it is the correct term to use :)

  • Yonas

    we got widgets and shit !

    • Joel

      lol! very direct, I like that.

  • ZzX44

    You save more money because you don’t have to buy Apple based equipment to get the most functionality out of your phone.

    You can actually customize your phone.

    You don’t have to sort through menus to get to what you want.

    Don’t have to have iTunes on your computer.

    You can make your own ringtones and notifications.

    You get better hardware (unless you buy the cheap crap).

    You can use an extended battery.

    Expandable and swap-able storage (in most cases).

    More value without compromise.

    The same or similar apps.

    Significantly faster app downloads.

    That’s all I could think of off-hand.

    • Joel

      Nice list! Im sure that would make anyone start thinking.

    • aranea

      You can replace the battery yourself. for example you can pop in an inductive charging battery when they bring it out for your phone instead of buying a new iphone just for one upgrade.

      there is a huge support community out there that provide customized roms for your phone.

      Widgets, widgets and widgets. you can have one touch call/text/email for your favorite people. You can have weather, facebook, twitter or whatever on your desktop or even on your lock screen.

      Folders make grouping apps, contacts a breeze.

      Integrated Google voice. Not only that but you can switch the default dialer on your phone.

      You can switch the default media player or almost anything else on your phone so it is actually “your phone”

    • spazby

      Don’t forget the screen size…

    • nolageek

      Just playing devils advocate here:

      > You save more money because you don’t have to buy Apple based equipment to get the most functionality out of your phone.
      Although I agree with this in theory, I don’t have any apple equipment and I’ve had 2 iphones and currently have an iPad.

      > You can actually customize your phone.
      After jailbreaking I could do a LOT of cutomizing to my iphone and as far as accessories goes you’re totally wrong. TRY to find more than 5 cases for any given android phone, I dare you. (and I dont mean different colors of the same solid-color case) There is *no* accessory market for android phones. The average person cares more about buying a cool case thant they do about adding thirty widgets to their homescreen. Hell, *I* care more about buying a cool case than I do adding 30 widgets to my homescreen. (I currently have one screen with no widgets.) This is actually the reason I’m thinking about ditching android in June. I love android but damn – I just want a freaking case.

      > You don’t have to sort through menus to get to what you want.
      I don’t even understand this. Android has a crap-ton of menus.

      > Don’t have to have iTunes on your computer.
      I don’t have itunes on any of my computers and I’ve had several apple products.

      > You can make your own ringtones and notifications.
      Definitely agree with this.

      > You get better hardware (unless you buy the cheap crap).
      But with apple you know what you’re getting. Average buyer is not as knowledgeable of phone specs.

      > You can use an extended battery.
      iPhone has Mophie, which I like better than having a pregnant phone. :)

      > Expandable and swap-able storage (in most cases).
      Definitely give you this one.

      > More value without compromise.
      I don’t even know what you mean by this.

      > The same or similar apps.

      > Significantly faster app downloads.
      Really? Have you bought an app via iTunes? It’s MUCH faster than android market I find.

      I’m not bashing Android at all, I love the OS. Just being honest with my own experiences.

      • Joel

        Appreciate the input and u made some pretty valid points.
        However – Notice where I said “a regular person” – Who doesnt jailbreak, who doesnt use iOS AND Android at the same time, and doesnt know HALF of the facts that you and I know.

        And I respectfully disagree with your point about people caring about cases. iOS general public cares more about buying a case because thats pretty much the only amount of customization they get which is on the outside.
        Android DOES need a bigger variety though, but considering most devices dont have glass on both sides and have a large number has either plastic or guerilla glass getting a case doesnt jump to our top priority list.

        iOS has plenty good. And I appreciate the system for what its worth – but ive tried to get a pure apple user to explain why they think they have the best device…and I usually just get “uh….cuz..cmon dude…its an iPhone!”

        • ZzX44

          I didn’t specify my target audience. This is for a person who knows little to nothing about what a widget is or a dev or even jailbreaking. People who know what jailbreaking is and who do it usually know the key differences between to the two to begin with however the average iPhone user does not. Thank you Joel for pointing that out.

          And you’re right most iPhone users can’t even explain why they prefer it to other devices which is disheartening, pitiful, and brings shame to consumerist America.

      • aalezz

        Living in an area where signal is weak having a droid made by samsung means most of the times 0 bars. There are some aps that work better on android than on iOS but most of them are bettter on iOS. iOS is more reliable.

        • aranea

          You know that the signal strength on a phone as far as I know has no standard measuring. So you can’t compare one phone to another just by looking at the bars. Remember the antennagate. Apple admitted that iphone was showing plenty of bars when it was actually getting very low reception.

      • ZzX44

        Android has shortcuts and UX elements which allow for less sorting through menus.

        Value without compromise – More bang for your buck without giving up comparable features.

        You can swap batteries at will and is a lot better than extending the length of the phone.

        From what I’ve seen even download apps through Wi-Fi can be terrible slow when compared to the fractions of seconds my SGSII E4GT takes to download and install apps.

        That screen is puny.

        When you buy Apple you actually don’t know what getting because if you did, you wouldn’t pay more than twice as much as it’s worth.

        As far as I know you pretty much require iTunes to reliably organize and add music to your iDevice. iTunes is a resource hog for Windows and was created to do so by the devil Steve Jobs to influence people to buy iMacs so it wouldn’t run as slow. [Opinion, might not be true, it really could just be a poorly written application]

        The Sprint E4GT has plenty of cases and I found one I liked with no problem. It really depends on your phone. If you want a lot of cases just buy a flagship.

        As far as I know you need Airplay which requires a 100$ Wi-Fi hotspot to wirelessly stream instead of using a normal Wi-Fi router and DLNA. I could be wrong but nevertheless Apple charges an arm and a leg for their equipment.

        [I'd use a WP7 or even a Blackberry before I ever buy a fruitphone.]

      • aranea

        You know that the whole case issue is a relic of the times when a lot of iphone users dropped their phones and broke their screens. Now i-people assume that they have to use a case or else their precious will be destroyed. :P

        I don’t use a case. They just make the phone extra thicker. And I don’t see the point of using one. I don’t care if the outside plastic is scratched and the screen is gorilla glass so it doesn’t break.

    • redraider133

      And not having to find a wifi or hook it to your computer to update large apps/updates

  • kazahani

    I sell phones for a living. I am constantly asked the difference between iPhone and Android. I tell them that iOS is easier to learn how to use, but Android is more customizable and has more free apps, but it takes a little bit more effort to learn how to use.

    At that point I will usually pull my phone out of my pocket and show them something that blows their mids and they get an Android. Literally the only time I will sell an iPhone is when someone comes in asking for one!

    • Wilson Lara

      What exactly do you show them that blows their minds?

  • tmihai20

    There are 2 ways to tackle this. If you would talk to someone who hasn’t been touched by the media (this is actually impossible), I would tell them that Android is very customizable, it has tons of free apps, it is actually free (you can see what has been done), the community behind every Android phone is very active, there is nothing that you can’t do with it. I would point them towards the best Android phones and I would tell them that they can have an iPhone for a higher price (20-40% more). If they used a phone before and they would know a little about the battle between Android and iOS, I would tell them that there is nothing you can’t do with an Android smartphone for a lower price (I am referring to sim-free phones). I would also give them a testrun of my Android phone and tell them how I use it.

    • Joel

      Sounds convincing, youd most likely get them on the pricing and the fact that the playstore is mostly free. And yea good point – someone not brainwashed by the media about Apple is pretty hard to find these days. Its funny how most Android users know more about iPhone than iPhone users. Sad.

      • tmihai20

        You, Sir, just hit the nail on the head.

      • kazahani

        OMG you’re right! We know way more about their phones than they do!

        That’s their problem though, as long as it does smartphone-like things, they could care less. It’s about the status symbol that Apple has become.

  • Donald Williams

    wow thats funny. I had this at work not to long ago. Two apple fan boys started with the company. Within a month they switched to the Moto X on verizon. I pretty much wore them out about how much more you can do with the phone. See ZzX44 Comments above. Used everyone in the book and showed them. Always helps with demoing while your talking about it.

    • Joel

      Ha! nice one – and so our family grows bigger. Jeez man you work quick, 1 month? lol.
      And thats the point I was trying to make with this thread, if they had heard or found those things out for themselves in the 1st place- they wouldnt have bought an iPhone to begin with.

  • apay

    I would say that if you want a big screen : get an Android, but if you want an easy OS, go iPhone.


    I had several iPhones before i get an Android, and the thing that i really miss is the Jailbreak. Let me explain : Android, compared to IOS is really open, really free, you can see that when you install some apps that you can’t find on the market with just a click.
    With the iPhone, you can’t do that except if you are a jailbreaker. But when you look to the offer of third app and tweak on a jailbroken iPhone, it’s quite huge because you realise that even if Android is “free” there are no such tweaks that you can get with Cydia. “De facto” the non-free OS become more customisable than the free one.

    Furthermore, you get an sexy lady :

    • Bryan Stoner

      Launchers + themes and side loading apps. Both can be achieved without root. Case closed.

  • Rushir Parikh

    Like I’ve said many times before… an iPhone running Android would be perfect.

  • Bryan Stoner
  • Ps3y3Ops

    I think it’s funny how live wallpapers and widgets blows the minds of many iPhone users I’ve come in contact with.

  • Danny Calderon

    I would say stay with the iphone, not cause its better but because team Android is full of winners and you look like a Loser!

    • Joel


  • Daniel

    I would say, set yourself totally free. DROID!

  • Ricky

    Better Google integration. There is a dedicated gmail app that works the way it should. The navigation that is included for free is still one of the most advanced and powerful navigation systems ever made. You don’t need to jailbreak your phone and remove all security just to customize your phone. The 4g icon actually means something. Bigger screens mean you can be more product and not just carry a portable video game/ phone system. The apps available on Android are usually free when they cost money on the apple store. The paid for versions are usually cheaper too. Major manufacturers have android phones which means better integration with you TV, car, etc in the future. You can connect Bluetooth controllers to your phone and then the phone to your TV and with emulator apps have every game system pretty much ever released on your big screen TV. Apps offer features not available on the apple store like remotely connecting to your phone, installing Ubuntu, etc. If there is something you don’t like about your phone, you can usually change it. There are hundreds of phones that let you find the perfect fit for your budget and lifestyle. Porn. Near field communication… Should I keep going?

    • Joel

      Nope. Damn near brought a tear to my eye. That’ll do, ricky, that’ll do.

  • foxtrot

    I want an iphone because it has the gee beez!

  • Jay

    I think u shud buy android because iphones r dumber than feature phones… forget smart.
    bcoz iphone is a piece of rat’s shit.
    over and out.

  • nosh

    An iPhone user is like a dog very obedient,likes to hang in packs and is easily pleased by the master Apple, Android users are like cat’s very individual very independent, don’t listen to anyone do what you like when you like.

  • Mike

    I would say Android focuses on customization and freedom of choice, that means, if there is something you don’t like you don’t have to deal with it. All your apps communicate harmoniously, free apps, flash websites, and you almost never run into issue when managing and sharing media and finally it doesn’t rely on the approval of one company, Android is flexible and will become the operating system you want it to be.

  • furius

    Easy: Android is as you want it!
    If you want it’s cheap or it’s highest specs device, it’s customization, it’s freedom!

  • Vasilis

    I would tell them that android has instagram now :P

  • Brandroid

    Apple has a major advantage over AOS. Apple creates the hardware, AND the software. Therefore you get a seamless operating system. Even if you put AOS on an apple device you would still just end up with another fragmented operating system on a different manufacturer’s hardware. Don’t get me wrong. a fragmented operating system doesn’t mean a bad one. there are valid points showing otherwise.

    - When you say buy an android because its cheaper than an iphone? That right there is a huge reason why people say android phones are glitchy and unreliable, because your buying either the old marked down device or the new cheaply made device.

    - Android has so much more customization right from the start.

    - Android has free turn by turn navigation that works well already on the device

    - Larger, and with Samsung a much more vibrant screen.


    - The ability to integrate social networks into your address book

    - Easy settings toggles are available on almost all android devices now, (4 clicks later your can turn off your bluetooth on iphone).

    - And yes I guess there are more free apps in android marketplace.

    - Emulators (I’m with ricky here)

    - Apple TV will perform mirroring also, so that’s kind of a moot point.

    - With Android where there is a will there is a way, (Usually without rooting/jailbreaking).

    - This could change with HTML 5, but yes Flash player is huge right now.

    - with Jeannie development Siri will be old news. ;)

    - There really are so many reason I prefer Android. The number one reason for me, the OS never gets boring.

    - Iphones are boring.

  • pekosROB

    *You want to customize? Android.
    *You want a ridiculous number of apps? iOS.
    *You want choice of keyboard/touchscreen or any other option? Android.
    *You want a device a lot of people have that has a lot of support? Apple (but because of XDA you could say Android, just depends on the user).
    *You want a device with more accessories and peripherals than your heart could desire? Apple.
    *Need Flash? Android

    It really is up to the user, it depends on what type of person they are (noob at tech or tries to keep up) for a proper recommendation.

    • Joel

      Thats a pretty good roundup that I could agree with. Its only a matter of time before ALL of those options have Android as the answer though ;-)

      • pekosROB

        Oh I do hope you’re right. As for the number of ridiculous apps, I mean 700,000 vs 1 million, they’re both a ridiculously large number.

        I don’t remember the exact figures, I believe those numbers are the last figures I read at one point regarding each appstore.

  • KatSelezneva

    Once, I’ve compared iOS and Android point by point in one of my blog posts.
    I’ve found out that Android possess more advantages than iOS (at least, in my opinion): 7 points (books reading, music, desktop, file system and file transferring, apps management, price) against 3 (apps, photo albums, phone settings); phone calls, contact lists, internet access and calendars are similar. So, I find the usability of Android better.
    The whole blog post: A year on an Android-based smartphone vs. an hour with an iPhone

  • bolanrox

    if asked i will just wave my fingers in front of their face and say “This is not the phone you are looking for” and carry on with my day :)

  • redraider133

    Free voice guided turn by turn navigation. Easily customizable out of the box without needing to jailbreak. Variety of shapes and sizes of phones, lots of choice. Go play with one and compare it to the iphone and make the choice for yourself.

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