Android 4.2 very buggy?

Posted Nov 20, 2012 at 8:42 am in Threads > Opinions

So it appears many are complaining that 4.2 is much more buggy than 4.1 was and was just wondering how people who have gotten the update are liking/disliking it and any gripes they may have with it? Personally I have no issues on my nexus 7 and am loving what google added in 4.2.

  • Jesse Moreno

    Yes! I thought I was the only one!

    The phone stutters frequently and I just do not like what they’ve done with the clock on the lock screen or the lock screen itself, for that matter. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think Matias and his team took a design step back with this build. Am I the only one?

    • Haha

      Yes. You are the only one.

    • redraider133

      I agree the clock on the lock screen is a little strange but I like what Google is doing and will get the kinks worked out most likely with the next update.

    • HumbertoH

      This far, the only thing i don’t like about the UI is the blold hour in the clock. But there’s a “fix” for that in XDA.

  • kazahani

    They got a lot of things right with 4.1, and there probably was some sort of concerted effort to make 4.2 “Look and feel improved” when they should have just left the Jelly Bean interface alone.

    • Samar

      Classic example of rushed release..not tested properly.


    running quite well here on my N4 and N7. I had 1 random reboot this morning on my N4 but other than that, the phone has been quick to handle any task I throw at it! so far, I’m loving it (although, the screen isn’t quite as good as my One X).

  • Anthony Sanchez

    YES! Very buggy have a Galaxy Nexus GSM and the new updates slowed down my phone ALOT!

    • GreenGriffin

      I’ve noticed my GSM GNex slowing down too, have also had at least one random reboot each day – which frustratingly also deletes my APN settings each time, but they come back if I restart myself after that.
      Any one else had that issue?

  • masterfong

    Ya this version of android is really stutter on my nexus 7! it is always being flight glitchy and it is very annoying because some my apps don’t work properly anymore and some apps just force quit themselves!

  • Darren Cole

    Does anybody know when the update for HTC One X for the UK is coming? Mind you on saying that I might uncheck auto update and wait for all the bugs to go

    • Bpear96

      They One X likely wont be receiving the 4.2 update anytime soon. It should be receiving a 4.1.2 jelly bean update this month. Considering most of the features added in 4.2 (keyboard, lock screen, camera app) are all replaced by sense anyhow. This demand for 4.2 is likely not as grand.

  • JDevall

    I’m having a few issues also on my Nexus 7. It seems to randomly go to sleep on occasion after being idle for 10 or 15 seconds. The lock screen has some strange frame overlap from the other screens. I preferred 4.1. Hopefully they will release an update soon.

    • JR

      Are you sure the strange frame overlap you are seeing isn’t the the other lock screen “home screens” it’s a new feature.

  • Prince77

    It’s buggy. My N7 does random reboots, sometimes 2-3 in a matter of 10-15 minutes

  • Prince77

    I believe they rushed it out on the devices that had to update to it.

  • ummon

    It’s buggy as hell on my Galaxy Nexus. 1 day in and camera hangs, gallery hangs, Youtube hangs.
    It turns off randomly and the best one yet, the error reporting sticks in an infinite loop.

  • herbivore83

    I noticed before I sold my Galaxy Nexus that 4.2 (full stock, not rooted) was running with a good amount of lag, especially in Google Now. On my Nexus 4, however, it runs like a dream.

    I agree with the general sentiment on the lock screen clock. I’ve been using it on my home screen to try to force myself to get used to it but it’s just not happening. I do quite like the widgets on the lock screen, but I wish the camera and Google were still on the unlock ring.

  • Broseph Stalin

    Performance itself isn’t bad, the phone just stutters at times (one thing that was finally fixed in 4.1).

    Also my battery life has gone down significantly. I’d estimate that it drains at least 50% faster.
    I hope Google will fix this.

  • redraider133

    Maybe that is why I was having no issues with my nexus 7 because I never used currents. No lag at all on my nexus 7 after updating.

  • Ardrid

    I haven’t noticed a single issue with my Nexus 4.

  • Dayle

    I am seeing a noticeable difference after turning currents sync off. But a patch is needed even to fix 4.2.1 slowness on gnex

  • Jorge Vieira

    No issues here any one experiencing and problems have you tried doing a ? Usually that wok fox and small hiccups. Give it a shore and let us know. For me i have not had any problems on my N7 and i think the 4.2 fixed and problems i did have. The browser is a lot smoother than it was on 4.1

  • Alec Waddelow

    I’m running 4.2.1 on my AT&T galaxy s2, and i have had no problems. Everything is very smooth. Battery life seems on par with previous releases.

  • Charlong666

    I’m running a custom ROM of 4.2 on my Galaxy Nexus, but haven’t seen any bugs so far. Running stock 4.2 on my Nexus 7, and I haven’t noticed anything either.

    Maybe I’m just lucky though.

  • jcommaroto

    I am getting frequent restarts on my N7. It is a shame because this is my first Android device and I am falling in love with it. Was showing it off because I am selling my office on Android and sure enough it was randomly restarting. So there I am essentially saying “other than that little bug of having it crash on you really it is great” to a bunch of iOS users.

  • nath5

    I am sure that google will have things worked out in no time.

    • V6ser

      Actually they already have things worked out now ;)

      It’s like 15 days old, they’ve also updated Nexus devices.

  • tylerfoy

    Still waiting for 4.1 on the S3! I’m sure google will have it all sorted

  • miked

    My Nexus 7 seems to have gotten a lot better with the 4.2 update. It feels new again.

  • yankeesusa

    I haven’t had any issues. Maybe its because I have the note 2 which is awesome but either way some people have lots of problems with their android phones because they bought a low end android.

  • Akash Doshi

    A problem with the light sensor on the nexus 7, the app drawer or launcher shutting down occasionally if you open the app drawer close it then open it again, and I only sometimes do that because the app drawer takes so long to open :/ the security of the lockscreen widgets aren’t perfect either :/ but all in all it’s showing they’ve not run out of cool new features. At least the December fiasco is sorted ready for this month :D

  • jsfacade

    Waiting for the AOKP port ;^(

  • doublin

    On my N7 runs perfect! :?

  • max lachan

    its not 4.2 getting buggy its due to lack of availablity of the ram

  • Hipstr63

    I have the Asus Prime running 4.1.1 and have had all kinds of problems from wifi signal loss (constantly) to random closings of apps and my browser. I had none of these problems before this update and sure hope that I get the 4.2 update soon and that it runs smoother than this version.

  • friendlyfire

    I love the update on my nexus 10, but I’m getting random restarts every now and then, even when I’m not using it.

  • rdrizzle

    My Nexus 7 with 4.2.1 is ridiculously sluggish. My wife bought it for me so needless to say, its the 8GB version. I have cleared off space (down to about 10 apps), no pics, music, etc and it feels a little better but overall, not as buttery smooth as when I first got it home :(

  • kookeetree

    I was thinking trading my iPad 4 for the Nexus 10 but I read Nexus 10 freezes a lot and it is sluggish. My Toshiba Excite 10 definitely freeze a lot and I have to hold down the power button to reset. I was hoping that the Nexus 10 would be far superior… guess I’ll have to stick with iPad as my main tablet for now.

  • crossbred900

    4.2 is working fine on my Nexus 7.

  • kelltrash14

    My nexus 7 runs just as well as before, though the lockscreen widgets are…not very good. I’d much rather edit them through a menu and have them static on lockscreen, rather than these goofy boxes that appear around them if I touch them and such. It just seems pointless to have the editing done outside the locked device like that.

  • NealJ777

    It seems that turning off the sync in Currents solved the problem for me. I’m looking forward to 4.3 :)

  • r90a22

    Not at all impress with what I’m reading here about 4.2

  • da9el

    all fine on my gnex. the 4.2 update slowed the whole thing down but only a tiny little. there’s no reboots, just some apps crash every now and then. to open the camera takes much longer and the photo sphere doesn’t work properly all the time. all in all i’m happy:)

  • JohnnyRocket

    I don’t really like the new lock screen, but as far as bugs is concerned, haven’t run in to any problems other then some stuttering in some rare situations.

  • kelltrash14

    I’m going to update my statement to mention the increased random reboots I’ve been having. Not good.

  • gh0st665

    4.2 was horrible. Random reboots, app compatibility issues, and just all out quirkyness of the update. I ran back to 4.1.1 on my Nexus 7. Then some of the developers caught up with 4.2 and it improved. However, this whole “December” debacle just shows that Google kind of screwed up a bit. I will say that 4.2.1 has been on point now that app developers are starting to catch up more. HD Widgets was having a lot of random reboot issues and Google Voice was not syncing SMS properly. To my knowledge, as of yesterday these issues were fixed and 4.2.1 has been rolling strong.

  • nikhilverma

    Don’t have an android phone :(

  • ddawg

    imo its still got some issues on the n7. i actually think the improvements are pretty good overall but the original release that came with the tablet was more responsive and had fewer minor annoyances. sometimes things dont need updating.

  • ddawg

    i will say this though, the most recent update was a vast improvement over the one before it. i believe it was 4.2.1 that almost had me wanting to return the device.

  • sAmA

    Yup it’s buggy. Here’s a list of issues I’ve experienced on 4.2.2:
    1. Bluetooth not allowing you to turn it on sometimes. Also I have had it turn off whilst ona phone call on my car kit. – Requires restart to make it work.
    2. Sometimes when trying to answer a call the screen does not respond. – Requires screen lock/unlock to answer.
    3. Notifications drawer sometimes is unresponsive – Requires restart

    Then there are my general dripes with this phone:
    1. Battery life sucks
    2. Camera sucks
    3. Gets very hot when doing anything processor intensive.

  • pwincezz

    Yup i agree with you.. 4.2 yuks