Android 4 users….

Posted May 17, 2012 at 5:01 pm in Threads > Opinions

Given all the initial excitement about ICS, how satisfied are you? Do you like what Google has done or do you still find yourself using other home launchers? What do you think is still missing? What would you like to see in Android Jelly Bean?

  • ralphwiggum1

    I’m sure the 4-percenters agree the unification of the UI and apps is a good thing. Android needed some consistent-style. The non-enthusiast upgrade path is still a joke though.

  • TaoRenCe

    I bought three different launchers, tons of Roms, and lots of customization apps and I can honestly say that I’m definitely satisfied with this OS. Probably the only thing I would like them to add is a little more user control of the status bar and the notification menu. I liked how Touchwiz and Cyanogenmod give you power controls there

  • Jedediah Sweetser

    Same as TaoRenCe. I used apex, widget locker, etc. And i always end up back at the stock UI. it’s elegant in it’s simplicity, runs faster than any launcher (which is very important to me, i hate waiting even 1 second for an app to launch, or see ANY jittering when i swipe)., and has a nice unified color scheme which doesn’t burn.

  • Aaron_301

    I love ICS, I’ve always hated the main launcher of Android, until Gingerbread, but ICS is so much better. Saying that though, I do use Nova Launcher but only for a bit of customising, like being able to resize all widgets, but it still have the same ICS feel which I love. As for what is missing and what will Jelly Bean bring…I really can’t say maybe it’ll come with a unicorn?

  • SirSid

    I’ve been using the stock ICS launcher ever since I got it on my tablet and phone, but I just came across a new laucner on giagom today.
    Its called Chameleon and its unfortuantely only for tablets over a 1280X800 resolution. I’m still super excited to try it. They are running a kickstarter as a way to do pre-orders, but you guys should really check out the video they posted demoing the launcher.

  • bin artyte

    I’m still using other launchers, music players, keyboards, and etc. I’m still not satisfied with most stock apps that many companies bring because they lack functionality. Aside from all those app stuff, I think Google did well with the unification of mobile ui and the introduction of new apis. I just hope android OS updates from Google can come slower to reduce fragmentation.

  • jaxidian

    I love ICS over Gingerbread and Honeycomb!

  • Ironzey Lewis

    Android 4.X is better but a lot of things they chose to do have me scratching my head.
    First, why does the power control widget still so limited? It was nice to have it introduced in 2.3 but it’s time for it to evolve. Why would I want to turn off syncing.
    Second, like others have said better control of the phone. It takes me five touches and 4 swipes to turn on tethering, make it easier.
    Third, when I adjust the volume for some reason I get a telephone icon that pops up. That irks me bad.
    Fourth, the missing search button. Personally, this is one that I use all the time and not having it everywhere is a huge annoyance for me.
    Fifth, the menu button moves depending on what app you are in. Sometimes it’s on the bottom, other times it’s on top. It’s like they changed their mind half way through designing everything and didn’t go back and change everything to match.
    I can go on but I won’t. I do really like version 4 but with just a little more thought and effort it would have been really good.
    I’ve said it about previous versions of Android and it holds true with 4, out of the box stock Android feels desolate. It is stark until you start adding what you want. That is the way I prefer it let me put my own furniture in my house I don’t want someone else’s ides of what they think I should have.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    Btw I’m using the Google Nexus.

  • Alec Waddelow

    I am pleased with the improvements. I use stock launcher, I really do like the look of the new UI. I hope there is more consistency in Jelly Bean.

  • Sgb101

    Truthly I don’t think ics is as stable as gb was. I think it looks better and had a nicer flow.

    I spent time with ics roms that was never truly fully backed, but I could forgive that, but now spent a good few months with the one x, ics may be bastadise with sense but doesn’t live up to date gb. I for me at least.

  • kazahani

    ICS is a dream. It runs smoother than any other OS I’ve ever used, PC, smartphone or otherwise. It absolutely SLAYS multi-tasking. I can get so many things done so fast! And I am just in love with the launcher! Buttery smooth with no skips or lags, and it just looks SUPERB on the Nexus’s screen.

    • Himmat

      You must be joking right? ICS is good, but definitely not ‘smoother’ than any device out there. I have a top-end Tegra 3 tablet running ICS and I definitely say that iOS runs way smoother, and even my ULV Core i7 1.8Ghz Ultrabook is smoother and way way way better at multitasking.

      Android, whatever said and done, is so far my favorite mobile device, but it can be a whole lot better in terms of smoothness.

      I’m not sure if you’re one of those who only ever used a Symbiam and Netbook, hence you reaching such a low-IQed conclusion.

      • kazahani

        I’m not joking. I can op[en my app drawer and run every single app I have installed on my phone, hit the multitasking button, and switch from one to the other with no slowdown at all. I just checked how many apps are running concurrently on my phone: 13. Page turns are still buttery smooth and everything runs great. With 13 apps open in the background.

        Try running 13 different applications at the same time on your ultrabook and then come back here and tell me that it can still run them all smoothly.

        I know it’s not a perfect comparison, but to the end user it’s the same thing. I can do more things at once faster on my phone than I can on my laptop.

      • kazahani

        And btw, I resent you assuming that I am stupid. I assure you, I’m not. We are just having different experiences with technology. It’s actually quite common.

  • Himmat

    I recently got an Acer A510 tablet, and coming from a Samsung GT 10.1, I must say that visually and functionally (except for like Swipe to remove notifications etc) ICS is almost like GB. Only major difference is the whole things feels faster and smoother, though still not as buttery as iOS.

  • CTown

    There has been days that I have used Froyo through TouchWiz, stock GB, and stock ICS in the same day (through CyanogenMod 7 and 9) and the differnece in user experience with ICS is astonishing. From the lock screen to the Alarm app it is much more cohesive (and computer like).

    Google extended the recent apps feature Android had since 1.0 and gave us a true task manager for mobile phones.

    The Holo widgets will help provide a consistent user interface on Holo-enabled devices whether the app is third party or not. Hopefully apps like Play and Apollo will really inspire developers to not use the iOS themes in Android apps. By the way, Apollo is the best music player I have ever seen.

    The default applications are pretty good. I like how it is actually possible to preview widgets before applying them. It was a really good choice to put widgets in the App draw (since widgets are supposed to be tiny programs). However, i am glad that the CM team did add a some options for customizing the default launcher.

    The most amazing fact is that I can still regonize Android after all these changes that were crammed into one release. I don’t see how Jellybean can add to many changes. I’d imagine that there will be mostly be more ways to give OEMs an easier way to update and still keep their custom UIs and changes to the SDK.

  • tmihai20

    I have just updated my Evo 3D to ICS 4.0.3. There is an improvement in Sense 3.6, but I would have loved Sense 4.0 or stock Android experience. It is too early to say now, I can’t go back to GingerBread, but I would not do it anyway. Considering that I am not on stock ROM (I have always used a custom ROM, one way or the other) and everything is a lot smoother, I am anxious to see what marvels will the Android chefs bring.