Android and Me + Google Integration

Posted Dec 05, 2012 at 4:54 pm in Threads > Opinions

So while I have been going through the site, I have found myself checking the site on a daily basis. Whether it’s through my google reader or when I’m on my laptop at home, I have come to use the site for my daily android information fix. But one thing that I have noticed is that usually I don’t make comments on post or anything unless I’m at home on my laptop. When I’m out and about, on my phone I just check my google reader and later forget to comment on the posts. I think android and me should make an app on my phone or even integrate the site with the android software itself so I can just comment and use the website while I’m on the go. Maybe this is asking for too much, but I just want an easier way to actually have my account used more in the site. Any thoughts?

  • Moises Rivera

    No love? :(

  • Brandon Thomas

    Agreed an app would be wonderful

    • Moises Rivera

      At the least. Something to help us out.

  • PhyzX

    Have you tried using Google Current to view AndroidandMe? Works a bit better than Google Reader

    • Moises Rivera

      No, i havent. Whats the difference between the two?

    • nimslake

      I just bookmark this site and go to my Chrome and pull it up and comment. Differences between Google Current and Chrome to view?
      (still interested in differences per PhyzX post, thanks)

      • nimslake

        I meant to include that this is per my htc one x.

      • Moises Rivera

        Yeah i want to know the differences myself. But as for Chrome, i do the same sometimes but it tends to be a hassle to me. I’d rather be able to do it all from one place instead of having to sign in through the browser to comment and what not. And I’m using a rooted Galaxy S II on AT&T running a CM10 nightly.

  • Steve Heinrich

    Do you have an issue with the mobile version of the site on your phone? Android and Me has one of the better mobile sites I’ve seen. I tend to just use that for interacting with their content on the go. Plus, they keep making the mobile version better and better. It’s ALMOST as functional as the desktop version.

    I agree that an Android and Me app would be well received. Plus, I think that it would most likely be really well designed. Everything Clark and Angie Wimberly make is beautifully designed.

    • Moises Rivera

      No I dont have a problem with the actual site on my phone, just becomes more time consuming when i have to switch over from my reader to the browser, then having to sign in and make the comments on the specific posts im looking at. I think it’s more a matter of convenience, I just would prefer being able to go to an app, looking through all the posts and making comments that way instead of going through my reader, since like i said, i forget sometimes afterwards and i lose out on potentially increasing my rank because of it.

  • kelltrash14

    I use reader over currents still mostly just because I like to browse random news….I really wish Currents would add a stream in similar format to reader, but with the better layout/graphics that currents has. That would be my ideal. Having to pick specific sources and then view their stuff only is just not what I want.

    That said, neither offers much help when it comes to full site participation (no comments access)

    • Steve Heinrich

      I’m guessing that it’s hard for a single app to integrate comments for multiple websites/blogs because those sites/blogs tend to run on different platforms. I could be wrong.

      • Moises Rivera

        It’s a possibility, though I’m pretty sure if Android and Me decided to put their efforts into making one, that they could do so very well. They site is run wonderfully and I think that they could make an app that runs just as well.

        • jaxidian

          Keep in mind that they are “WordPress Developers” and not Android Developers. It takes an entirely different set of skills to do one versus the other. It’s kinda like asking a car mechanic to take a look at your airplane. It’s not exactly what they do…

          • Moises Rivera

            I understand, but then again they can always hire people to do it. Maybe I’m asking for too much lol, but i would definitely like to have one.

  • SGB101

    AaM did have a widget in the market, from almost day one, but it stopped working about 2 years ago , and it vanished from the market , never to return.

    It’s a shame as it is how I found AaM and I’m sure that’s the same for many here.

    • Moises Rivera

      Yeah I’m just hoping for them to bring something back. Aside from being able to help users, it’s just another way for them to advertise their site. They reach more people that have android phones and know nothing about Android and Me through the play store.