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Hey, anyone know how often everyone’s Android and me rankings get updated? It makes the little kid in me that still believes in Santa sad each time I miss out on a giveaway.

I know I should have quit lurking a while ago , but hey what can you do. I’ve been rocking 33 for a few days now.

Happy holidays everyone!

  • jaxidian

    It’s not instantaneous but it seems to happen several times a day. I don’t know exactly what that frequency is, though.

  • taz88ny

    I have the same question. I’ve been a 42 for a couple of days now.

    • honourbound68

      nice jump from 42 to 68 :)

    • mernen

      It almost seems like the bigger the takeoff, the longer it takes. I had to wait nearly a full day for my biggest jump, but smaller improvements (70→71→73) happen several times a day.

  • securifirm

    Vote up :)

  • Scottm

    Yeah, I only need like 5 more in the rankings to make me eligible for the day 21 give-away.

    And I’ve been jonesing all over that jawbone speaker…

  • jamal adam

    I think there is one every morning. Also, there is the fact that others might be getting a high rank than you, who were originally below in ranking, and that has something to do with why it might not change or changes little.

    I think this might help:

    • Fiasko

      Thanks for the info!

      • jamal adam

        You’re Welcome!!

  • KOBesucker

    I usually just check at night. It takes a little while for your ranking to be updated. It seems the remaining giveaways are for those who have tenure, so getting your rank up might all be for naught.

    • Fiasko

      I’ve been a member for more than a year and a half. I’m just one of those dirty lurkers, but us lurk monsters are coming out of our swamps so watch out!

  • Randy White

    Mine has been the same for days.

  • thymeless

    My points go up, my score stays the same. So either everyone’s gaining points in the same ratio, or I’m bound in a large group of the same points or it hasn’t been updated.

    Considering it hasn’t changed since the rank up thread was deleted, It makes me wonder. But correlation in time is not proof of causality.

    • Fiasko

      Well it’s sounds like we are in the same boat and I’m def in a different bracket than you. Maybe it has something to do with that

    • thymeless

      I moved finally. Took a lot of points, but my percentile moved up 2. Must be bogged down in a big group of similar scores from all the point mongering.

  • JarlSX

    good to know, i need 4 more points for todays giveaway :)

    • Anthony Massingham

      +1! Hopefully that gets you on your way :)

      • JarlSX

        thanks, I gave everyone in this topic a +1 as well. :)

    • Fiasko

      Good luck man, if tried to get the score to move like crazy since I missed out on the second nexus 7. Haven’t gone up a single point! Hope to see your name on the winners list

  • Anthony Massingham

    Mine seems to go up and down randomly in leaps and bounds – To be honest, I have no idea how the system *really* works.

    Witchcraft, I say.

    • Fiasko

      Wow I didn’t know your rank could go down, guess I should be glad it is staying the same then!

      I have probably made 5x more posts in the last few days then in the last year and a half. The only problem is it has not gone up. Starting to think I’m doing something wrong.

      Thread activity counts toward it correct?

  • Eric Wilborn

    Yeah, it goes up and down depending on activity. I was once a 50 I believe…

  • christiaangombert

    so how can your ranking go down? do you have to not comment for a week or what? I don’t get it. Does somebody know how this ranking system works?

    • Fiasko

      You go down when others go up from what I understand. I think ranks may be frozen for a bit to avoid cheating. Couldn’t blame them, some people got to the 90s in 1 or 2 days from vote me up threads.

    • jamal adam

      Here is what I got from the update posted last year:

      “During our last update, we tweaked the level of points that users received for an upvoted comment. Today, we’re rolling out the ability for high ranking users to downvote a comment and have that vote actually affect the permanent user score. Just how many points depends on how high ranking the user is, but we’ve now got a few tiers in place where saying something stupid or rude might actually cost you your account points.”

    • jamal adam

      christiaangombert, if you want to know more about how the ranking system works just click on the following link:

      I hope this helps.

  • Fiasko

    Hey, It finally went up. It may be possible they just get updated Saturday mornings, as that was the last time I moved up previously. I’ll watch and see if I’m correct throughout the week.

    • orangestrat

      It happens on a delay, from a few hours to a few days

  • JC005

    We all help each other out by voting on comments.

  • zolikaaa666

    I think they’re updated every day!

  • Blake Britton

    I don’t see how I could be getting downvoted, but my ranking has steadily decreased a few points. I could use some love!

  • lou2cool88

    Yeah, I think it’s updated at least daily! Good luck in the giveaway, everybody!

  • LadyDi

    I have no time to downvote anyone. I appreciate all the upvotes I receive and I have given everyone a vote under this post because in some way, I am hoping it helps.

    You ALL have a wonderful holiday season and be safe as you can.

    • Fiasko

      Happy Holidays to you as well!

  • JC005

    I hope I get enough votes to get to 70 so I can enter the giveaway before it’s to late. Please help :-)

    • da9el

      voted up!

  • spidremann

    My count sends to mysteriously go down, as well :-(

  • securifirm

    Need some more votes…sigh

  • deluxe92

    It’s frustrating when you have rank to enter to the previous contest, and then, another contest and it’s 20 ranks away…

    • Fiasko

      In all fairness we should have decided to be active members before now. It may be frustrating, but think of it like Santa. Have you been naughty (not an active member) or nice (active) throughout 2012. If not then you have lessees chances to win a prize.

      • deluxe92

        yeah, don’t take me wrong, I think this rank system it’s fair and I like it =D

  • ninjandroid

    I will definitely be a more active member. Missing out on a chance to win a One X+ and a Jambox? Dang. Better get on Androidandme’s nice list for next year

  • Sovy

    it seems its only those with higher rankings that would get the chance from now onwards…wish I had joined months ago..

  • MrMrMan

    My rankings have topped off at 40 for some reason and periodically drop. I must not be that popular.

  • LadyDi

    I’m with MrMrMan. I managed to get to 70 and got stuck.

  • dbcher

    I was stuck at 50 for almost a week, then suddenly 53

    wow ;)

  • freddiefan

    I got downgraded by a point, it’s not much but not sure why it happened

  • asif ali

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