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Posted Apr 27, 2012 at 1:24 pm in Threads > Opinions

We’re all familiar with Android phones and tablets at this point. I’m curious as to what people think is next for Android. Where might we see the OS go? Cars? Appliances? Other electronics? The opportunities seem endless, but we haven’t seen it grow outside of the phone/tablet market for the most part.

And go…

  • theDL

    I would really like to see a house run on Android. All connected wirelessly, the AC, fridge, TV, stereo, lights, etc. The possibilities are endless. And I want to be able to control it all from my phone.
    Having Android in the car would be sweet, but I fear for my safety as I would probably be distracted lol. But if we eventually get to self-driving cars, that’s another story.

    • Austin Tompkins

      I could see this being a reality with a open platform being put on all these devices, not necessarily Android-only / Android-based, but something universal that Android is able to connect to (in addition to other devices / OS’s) I could see this definitely becoming a possibility… someday… :)

  • ramdroid

    I’d love to have Android in my car to instantly access all music I have in my cloud, or navigate to a target I have previously searched on my phone. The kids on the back seats can watch YouTube or play Riptide.

  • bolanrox

    i think Android sync access in cars will be next. I mean most cars have iOS access already so that is the next logical addition not too far fetched at all.

  • thekaz

    I think there are consumer electronic out there now using Android OS… I remember several home phones and TV remotes being mentioned at one point.

    I do think cars would make sense. The Tesla Model X has a huge touchscreen which I know integrates with Android and iOS and will support apps. It is a beautiful thing, if you get a chance to check it out. Fully configurable for what you are displaying at anytime.. heck, for all I know, it may be powered by Android, but I wasn’t able to find any info on that.

    • SGB101

      Ford does something similar with app sync I think it’s called. their is an app called ‘open beak’ has to the the best named app out.

      it speaks tweets , love the name.

  • OpenIntro

    Bumping this up since there are a lot more active users on threads right now. Thoughts on the future?

    • jonstle


  • WlfHart

    I’d be interested to see Android in my refrigerator :P Not that I’d ever burn the money on such an extravagant appliance, but I once saw a refrigerator which kept track of what and how much of each item the appliance contained, which in theory could easily be parsed and sent to a grocery list app when amounts hit preset levels. Maybe tack on a search app that scans for weekly deals on items across multiple local stores and recommends when to stock up on a particular item. So there is less forgetting about that jar of pickles in the back of the frig and no more running out of milk in the middle of breakfast!

  • smwinn7

    Can’t wait to have Android powering my car, not to mention all the appliances and lights in my house

  • doublin

    Well, I would like to have this :
    I just found it few hours ago using Pulse.

    • doublin

      Oh and, the comments that people made there, just made be ROFL. :-)

    • OpenIntro

      ok i want that for Christmas!

  • jonstle

    I agree with many of the others and think 1 of the next real practical uses for Android would be in a car. I would love to have a console in my car that could I just the air temperature give me feedback on performance and play music and movies for my family. Add apps to that and were golden

    • scottryan78

      I’d like to see that too. I worry about buying a car with an expensive entertainment system option and the manufacturer stopping support for it. At least with Android there’s the chance that the community can keep developing for it.

      • Dradien

        The thing for me is, and I know I don’t speak for everyone, is tactile feedback. I don’t mind seeing most controls (Audio/Video/Feedback from sensors, etc etc) go on a touchscreen or computer thing, but things like climate control and whatnot works better as a knob or dial of sorts.

        Or I could be crazy, who knows.

  • jonstle

    Did a little snooping and found this:

    Also Pioneer has some things that play really well with android although they do not run on it yet

  • pmrich

    Nvidia is working on automotive applications.

  • josha14025

    I would love to see android come built into a TV. There already is “smart” TV’s, why not have one running android. And if Google can work out deals with networks offering a la carte cable service I would drop time warner in a heartbeat, and probably never touch my laptop again.

  • JonJJon

    I would like Android OS to effectively consume Chrome OS and any advantages there and become a fantastic netbook like portable OS in addition to the smartphone and tablets. It would be great is Google TV and smartphone android somewhat merged more and became THE go to smart TV system.

    Cars, entertainment systems, laptops, consoles, microwaves, cookers, fridges, thermostats, furbys……wait what? Furbys? ok maybe not that one but anything that need a more intelligent/capable OS I think Android can be applied to. Scanners and all-in-one printers I think would be a good place.

    Also I look forward to seeing much more refined smart watches with awesome battery life and good stylish profiles.

  • dino13

    Well they could end up just like webOS on a toaster ;)

  • kelltrash14

    In the immediate future, I’d like to see a better google tv so I can finally get one. Preferably with good integration into other android devices (Nexus Q + TV, yeah!)

    Later on, mycar.

    • jonstle

      The latest flavor of google tv is really starting to impress me. Like to see more phone and google tv interaction. Taking advantage of both screens.

  • KingCrow02

    Android will rule the world

  • cliffy223

    Google TV and watches

  • jaysond

    I love my free phone and texting along with free everything! all most tablets need is some USB ports standards keyboard cases/docks and maybe even a CDROM drive within the dock yeeha

  • jaysond

    a house run on andriod would be boss lol +1

  • jaysond

    flush my toilet and turn on my shower from the tablet that just woke me up oh nos that’s pwnage and then imagine having your fridge place grocerie orders for you when the beers gettin low,and have a ashtray that follows you around,ahh the future coming to a town near you

  • Sameer

    In near future, android do not have much competition. Android will grow fast with embedded system. That will help us to switch of the light of each room, Starting Gas stove etc

  • Guitaraholic

    Definately think the next thing we need to do with Android is Car Dashboards…. already got the navigation, maps, Google Now, Music, movies…. what else do you need? All it would take is for the manufacturer to develop an ‘app’ for the Speedometer etc :)

  • klcow92

    in home automation I guess, its so customizable!

    • jonstle

      Like the idea of running things in my house from my phone, tablet, or tv all powered by android.

  • pliu.2014

    The fastest growing so they should interlock all the appliances and the tv and the thermostat under one app

  • LadyDi

    Well there’s a recent article about a toilet. How do you like that one? I fear people using their phones in the bathroom right now. I don’t need ANY THING ELSE to make me want to go Girl in the Plastic Bubble out here