Android Game Review: Solitaire

Posted May 19, 2012 at 9:52 am in Threads > Apps & Games

Wow, technology has really come along way. You used to have to carry around a deck of cards everywhere you went to play with yourself. Now with any Android powered smartphone you can download this app for FREE from the Google Play Store, and be ready to play faster than you could shuffle a deck of cards. If you are not familiar with the game solitaire you will need to find instructions elsewhere, because they are not included with the game, and don’t forget to ask mommy or daddy if its ok to download a new game on their phone. Its a pretty fun game overall, mostly luck of the deal once you learn how to play. The game does you give you the option to deal one card at time, so you will be pretty much guaranteed to win every time if pick that option, nice for times when you just want to feel good about yourself, like you have accomplished something for the day.

Lets check out some comments from the App store (with my comments in parenthesis):

Japhet on February 22, 2012 Motorola Photon 4G with version 1.12.2
Awesome! Great game never had an issue. I play every night before bed.
(haha, seriously? this review is a joke, you really play everynight? please seek help)

Tripp on January 11, 2012 HTC Evo 4G with version 1.12.2
Unrealistic I like the app but the algorithm/probability for this game is ridiculous. Ive played numerous solitaire games and can usually win within several tries. This one on the other hand hardly gives you a chance.
(try the 1 card at a time option…see my comments above about needing to feel better about yourself)

J.T. on December 21, 2011 Version 1.12.2
Wish it told you when you’re out of valid moves
This does what it says it does. Really easy to play, too. Only thing missing IMO is that, unlike Windows solitaire, it doesn’t tell you when you’re out of valid legal moves. Beyond that, great little time killer.
(JT, the game is not that complicated, and you want it to help you out?? Why not find a game that plays itself for you?)

Enjoy Gamers!

Google Play Store Link

and yes of course this is just a stupid post to try to win a tablet….

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  • CJ LaFleur

    Are you kidding me dude!? You had to go out of your way to review solitaire! How lame can you get!?

  • AChackes

    I thought this was quite obviously a joke, I even said so at the bottom:

    “and yes of course this is just a stupid post to try to win a tablet….”

    Glad you guys enjoyed it.