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in my opinion these games have amazed me with their graphics and infact some of them are definitely better than psp games.
and with tegra 3 enhanced games on my nexus 7 its a way to show off to ipad bitches ..!!

1.dead trigger
2.shadowgun THD.
3.dark meadow.
4.need for speed most wanted.
5.modern combat 4.
7.wild blood.
8.riptide GP
9.rayman jungle run.
10.hamilton’s great adventure.
11. zombie driver THD.
12.demon’s score THD

  • sandy105

    these are games with good graphics or with a striking art style and these are my pick of games.
    do you know any other beautiful games for android ..
    do you think tegra effects are nice in THD GAMES ?? .

    • leviathan

      has anybody tried dungeon hunter 3??!

      • sandy105

        check out wild blood if you liked dungeon hunter 3 ..

      • Joel

        DO NOT Download this game…it strayed so far from the first 2…and it plays much differently. I uninstalled after 15 mins…and I was/am a loyal fan to the first two. Its a COMPLETELY different game.

    • Giancarlo

      N.O.V.A. 3

  • Kaote

    I really enjoyed HORN and The Bard’s Tale, graphic, storyline and play was all well done.

    • sandy105

      yup bard’s tale .i have to try that out :)

    • ldouglas64

      Bards Tale is great. I can’t wait for the followup. I would love to see more single player games with this level of quality graphics.

    • sonicdeathmunky

      Bard’s Tale looked great. Really showed that full-on PC games can work on a mobile device. Bring on some more epic RPG goodness!

  • kookeetree

    Not a heavy tablet gamer but I did try Shadow Gun and it looks amazing.

  • orangestrat

    Windup knight has great graphics, Otherwise, I love the pixel art in games like Sword & Sworcery or Radiant. Machinarium is gorgeous as well.

    • chestont

      Did you get these from that Humble Bundle package too? I like all those, plus I think Splice from the same Humble Bundle is strangely beautiful. I keep Asphalt 7 on tap to show off the tablet gaming abilities, real flashy.

      • sandy105

        Do try out need for speed most wanted, is a lot better than asphalt 7 in graphics and gameplay

      • orangestrat

        I got machinarium like a week before it came in the humble bundle, and I’ve bought sword and sworcery on 3 different platforms now. I love the humble bundle, but I love canadian devs a lot more.

  • sonicdeathmunky

    I keep Dead Trigger installed on my Nexus 7 simply to show off the gaming potential of the tablet. I don’t think I’ve actually finished a mission yet!

  • sandy105

    Yes the humble bundles are really nice, splice had nice graphics.

  • HowlPendragon

    Osmos HD and Eufloria HD are two of the best looking games I own.

    Eufloria was part of Humble Android Bundle 4 :p

    • sandy105

      Yes eufloria is pretty indeed

  • jonstle

    I really like Heroes Call. Not sure if it is the prettiest but I think it is impressive none the less.

  • MC_Android

    I can’t speak for all of the games the OP listed. However, owing both numerous android tablets (prime, infinity, nexus 7) and an iPad 3, I could speak from experience that “THD effects” is essentially the SAME as iOS effects for iPad 3/4 (sometimes ipod touch 4). Rather, I have found many developers neuter graphics effects when porting their app to Android – Gameloft is especially guilty of this. If you ever played Modern Combat 3/4 or NOVA 3 on an iPad 3/4 and then play it on the N7, Infinity, Prime, you would see that not only is the graphics not running nearly as much as the tablets could handle, the game itself runs more laggy. This is usually for Gameloft titles. The developers that treat Android fairest is Madfingers (makers of Dead Trigger, Shadowgun…) and you could tell that the THD water effects is missing on non-tegra devices and iOS devices.

    Titles I own on both platforms that OP mentioned:

    1.dead trigger – Android THD is better
    2.shadowgun THD – Android THD better
    3.dark meadow – Tie
    4.need for speed most wanted – Tie; In game performance optimized better for iOS (check N7 frame rates)
    5.modern combat 4 – iOS (neutered graphics, effects, performance)
    6.HORN – TIE
    7.wild blood – iOS
    8.riptide GP – Android THD (water effects)

    …Essentially every Gameloft title is better on iOS; this isn’t because iPad has better GPU, but Gameloft does not optimize their games for Android. Sad truth.

    Honestly, I’m sick of all these Android fanboys who are hellbent on proving that Android is better than iOS in every aspect, just like I am sick of iOS fans …vice versa. Developers like to make games for iOS first because there’s only a handful of devices Apple officially supports so optimizing is easier and for whatever reason (unsure exactly why), they think iOS gets them a bigger population of exposure (half-true but quickly becoming a misconception). Neither Android nor iOS is going anywhere so stop with this self-fueled war. jesus…

    Biggest plus for Android gaming: Root+SixAxis. Use a PS3 controller for virtually every game if you have the patience to map it out :)

    • sandy105

      Yup controller support , that’s a big plus .. umm however I use an Xbox controller and it works well with some titles namely GTA 3 , shadow gun, dead trigger and some racing games .
      However is there an app like six axis to map Xbox controller for other games

  • sandy105

    Yes Gameloft games are badly optimized .agreed
    And this post was just to find out android games with great graphics , no comparison with iOS devices or anything :-)

  • pol biswas

    Try out awesome from ezone. Com.wonderful graphics.This is something beautiful game on android game.

    • sandy105

      team awesome right ??..yes it was nice

  • zolikaaa666

    Great Games but they don’t run on my old Htc ChaCha! :(

  • Barry

    Real racing 3, silly graphics right there

    • MC_Android

      But god-awful gameplay design. Try progressing in that game without spending money.I’ll pass

      • Barry

        Agreed, however, a little perseverance since my last post has bagged me a M3 and the Mclaren MP4, takes time, but, so does mastering each apex to perfection. Enjoying the game personally. Would be far better to be a one off paid game like RR2 which making obtaining cars much easier.

  • sandy105

    yes real racing has more coherent graphics than most wanted — a marked improvement ..

  • sandy105

    in the past 3 months ,,BTW
    -Real racing 3
    -Real boxing (tegra)

    -ravensword shadowlands
    -conduit hd

  • anonimac

    Waiting for Dead Trigger 2…

    And Dead Trigger on Steam. It is on Greenlight so you can vote for it if you want it on PC!!

  • poringslasher

    vice city has good graphics too

  • SGB101

    Real racing 3 is a nice looking game,but be warned it is addictive, I waste far to much time on it ;o)

  • Anwar Abbas

    You didnt mentioned 9mm.That is a awesome game

  • Anwar Abbas

    You didnt mentioned 9mm.It is awesome and has high graphics.

  • Anwar Abbas

    sorry i did two times

  • jepoy

    you forgot to mention nba 2k13
    i really love this game!

  • Hehase

    Asphalt 8 !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rongmi

      Really, Asphalt 8 Airteborne should be on the list.

  • dikaiosune

    You all forgot to mention these titles..dead space,mass effect infiltrator,batman dark knight rises..NEXUS 7 is great!!!!

  • dikaiosune

    EA , GAMELOFT and MADFINGERS are the best!!!

  • shaurya

    Has any body tried Epic Citadel???
    I played and nice game….
    BTW games in android looks more sharper than apple cuz i have both and most of game i’like to play on android and by using psp emulator i enjoy android whereas apple ios …… sorry champ:-(

  • Jenny

    I usually download good android games from

  • seanjames

    guys!!! Dead trigger was now on playstore …and its free…and i think u should put it at the list ^.-

  • nipunali

    Bards Tale is a awesome game. I would love to see more single player games with this level of quality graphics.

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  • canmiapp

    Do you like arcade games?

    Try Dragflyon, new game for android. Defend the galaxy and conquest the victory. Will you can pass all phases?

  • Rongmi

    Which one is better in graphics and gameplay, Modern Combat 4 or Modern Combat 5?

  • Tejinder

    Anybody Tried (All Android)
    1.Godfire Rise Of Prometheus
    2.The Dark Knight Rises
    3.The Amazing Spiderman 2
    5.Modern Combat 5
    6.Star Wars The Knight Of Republic
    7.Gangstar Vegas
    8.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
    9.N.O.V.A 3 Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
    10.Enemy Unknown Within

    what about these ??