Android Jelly Bean Wishlist

Posted May 17, 2012 at 8:59 pm in Threads > Opinions

With Google I/O just around the corner, excitement is mounting about the fifth flavor of Android. Being part of large percentage still on Gingerbread, I would like Android 5 to be designed to be easier for manufacturers to upgrade, there are many capable handsets getting outdated much to fast. How about a built in option (or require manufacturers to include the option) to remove any skin and turn the device vanilla? That way every device would be capable of getting the latest version of Android.
I would also like to see some serious integration with Google Drive, it should be an integral part of Android. Every app, every game, your pictures, your contacts, should all be synced to one convenient place. This will also help ensure that upgrading to a new device be as seamless as possible.
Another addition I want is an onboard video podcast manager, perhaps add a podcast section in Google Play as well?
There is always room for improvement, and I feel that these are a few things that can make Android even better. What are your expectations, hopes, and wishes?

  • Taylor Wimberly

    C’mon, you are not going to include your own wishlist first?

    • YMS123


  • Ironzey Lewis

    The FIRST thing I want is the search button back. Second, get rid of that search widget, that’s what the search button is for.

  • Aluzeros

    Android wish list 

    Better lockscreen – ex. Intelliscreen x, not just widgets that can be randomly placed, because that simply looks ugly, designate spots or at least ui standards 

    Quick reply for txt messages

    Better notification, with fluid gestures, and the ability to rearrange order

    One in all phone/messaging app…..because honestly opening up more than one app is too much work for basic comms.

    Google hangout, talk, txt message as options accessible within phone dialer app when opening that person/contact from the dialer app, with the ability to switch to any of those without losing voice conversation when using services that use voice.

    I don’t like how there are so many google apps on their own phones.  Build them into the UI already!  I’m tired of opening up 50 million apps.  Google voice should be baked in, as well as google +, talk, hangout, etc.  

    Headphone mic standards – bless Samsung for doing this, google get with it! Google, please add something similar to Apple’s heaphone and mic combo.  And I would like to see the ability to mute from there, and add a call or drop an individual while in a conference call from the headphones and without them of course.

    Profiles for notifications and wifi/cellular/Bluetooth/ based on time of day and geofences/location

    Magazines, and tv shows in the google play store

    Integrated google drive, calendar, tasks that automatically updates docs, etc across all of your android devices

    The ability to edit multiple items in google music.

    The ability to stream tthe google play video you bought from the cloud and not have to worry if it takes up your 5 free gb.

    Better portal that combines gmail, play, drive, music  etc with a fluid fresh ui web app with easy navigation, not how it’s now, where links are buried just to get to google voice, or randomly googling the link, or directly going there.  I want a one stop all single sign on with easy access and navigation through all of my awesome google services that I use.   One can dream.  

    And Majel better rock my world. And work fluidly with headphone mic combos, because I’m not holding my phone up to use it! Also wake activation without pressing a button.

    During navigation, directions show up in lockscreen without the security part faded away until you touch the phone, so it doesn’t get annoying looking at the map / directions with the lockscreen automatically staying on and not turning off as long as your in this navigation mode.

    Google wallet with more features, as in…..the ability to add custom reward cards, etc.

  • CJ LaFleur

    I want google to take control of custom ui’s and all updates. There should be an opt out for all devices so you can choose to have the ui. I want mass updates all at the same time. I would actually like google to disallow custom UIs. This way all updates are prompt. My big issue is definitely updates. I want jelly bean on my gs3 within a month of its release, no questions asked!

  • CJ LaFleur

    Also google should not allow carriers to be involved in updates or hand out carrier exclusives on devices like the nexus line. Nor should carriers be able to change devices in any way and google should handle all releases so they’re all at the same time by device.

  • Dee

    I want…

    1. get rid of the people app. its useless. that is all.

    2. can we plz fix the contact images for receiving calls? the lo res pix are ugly.

    3. THE OPTION TO ADD MORE HOMESCREENS!!!!! why must it be capped at 5?

    4. i also agree about the search button.

    5. im interested in seeing if majel will actually serve a purpose and not make me look stupid.

    6 more secure face unlocking. for example the camera checks for movement and maybe even a voice unlock? i think it would be kind of cool to just tell your phone unlock and it wakes and unlocks but only to your voice.

    as far as the update process, honestly i dont think google should get involved with the carriers. they should continue with the model they have going now of selling phones themselves and ADVERTISE! ADVERTISE! ADVERTISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE! google seems to think they dont need to but by outlining the difference between buying from them and buying from carriers it will make the carriers look like the bad guys and im sure they will reform. also taking to the offensive against apple.

  • redraider133

    I would love to have the option on initial setup to choose stock android or the manufacturers skin. I mean they could always add parts of their skins to the play store and people could download if they wanted to use them.

  • kwills88

    Let’s start off by improving the market first

    In the My apps section we need more lists instead of just “installed” and “all” being the only ones, why not have other lists…like say a “uninstalled list” a “purchased list” “free list” categorizing stuff that way would make going through your apps so much easier, a lot of us download hundreds of apps over a long stretch and sometimes we want to find those apps if we forget their names and having those list would help..also why not have a forward button on the market? Also, why not have the market operate like how Google search works…if you type in a letter all the apps with that letter should pop up like with Google instant search.

    Enable icon edits, the fact that i need another launcher to do that kinda bugs me

    Folders inside the app tray (I am no fan of touchwiz, but even they know that is important)

    Allow us to uninstall whatever apps we please, don’t care if you put bloat on my phone, just give
    me the option to delete them instead of just disabling them (that just takes up needed space).

    Floating widgets should be one of the main points, Google could seriously hit Apple with this on their tablets and with some on the phones, floating YouTube widget that if you click a YouTube link on a site, you’ll be prompt to have it float so you can still browse a site while you either watch or listen to that YouTube vid (also have those widgets re-sizable). Multi-tasking is the core of what android is about, Google should maybe even buy Lilypad HD and use their software for more floating IM apps.

  • ben dover

    Matias Duarte said at the ICS announcement that Google set it as their goal to define how people talk about Android.
    They revealed 3 design principles that would guide every choice they made in designing Android.
    Those three principles where:

    Android is:
    Easy (Simplifies my life)
    Makes me feel powerful (makes me awesome)

    Matias goes on to say that ICS is only the first step.

    ICS just won an award for best UI design this week. I would say that falls under “Android is Enchanting”

    I feel the next version is going to go after “Android is Easy. (Simplifies my life)” with powerful tools like Assistant (Majel) and probably more control within Android. No new groundwork, just ways to simplify what we already have.

    I believe Google is working on a very powerful Assistant that hopefully is released in 4.1 shortly after I/O.

    They have cracked jokes about Siri and how it’s more comic relief, like C3PO in Star Wars, yet Assistant will be more like “computer” in Star Trek.

    My wish list is that Google will release an Assistant who interacts with me more than I interact with it.

    Assistant: “Sir, based on traffic conditions, I suggest you leave in the next ten minutes if you want to be on time for your 5 o’clock dinner appointment with your wife downtown.”

    me: “I need to finish something up at the office, text her and let her know I’ll be 10 minutes late.”

    Assistant: “very well sir.”

    lol that would be awesome!

  • tzarsmango

    I user Nexus and I like the ICS browser’s Quick controls and Full Screen capabilities. The ones you can throw the address bar and notification bar off the screen.
    If only I could remove the 3 buttons in the bottom. They may appear again if I click and move from the bottom. Then I can call Nexus a phone with no buttons.