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Posted Dec 10, 2012 at 3:49 pm in Threads > Opinions

So I have noticed that the big companies like Apple and Windows have their logos imprinted on all the devices they make. Apple has well..the apple on the back, Windows has this four boxes look that is a bit similar to their old logo, and android..well unfortunately I haven’t seen it on any device. I know this is because android software doesn’t have its own mobile company aside from the fact that google bought motorola, but I was thinking that they could put the little android guy on the back of the google phones. I know this is a stretch but I’m sick of all the apple users flaunting their iPhones like it’s the best device out there when half of them don’t even know what kind of camera they have on the device itself. I want a full Google/Android phone made by google, that has the little android guy engraved on the phone itself, and that I can shove in the faces of other iPhone and Windows phone users lol.

  • dino13

    HTC tried this once some years ago if I remember well. Should be the HTC Tatoo.

    • Moises Rivera

      Really? I would like to see it lol.

      • dino13

        Well it wasn’t the whole logo and neither was it green. Here is a link:

        • Moises Rivera

          Ah yeah, it looks pretty good, but i definitely would prefer the whole logo. And it doesnt even have to be that big, just to identify android instead of the manufacturer. Or have both for all i care, as long as it is on the device lol.

          • dino13

            I don’t know, I mean probably Google would need to tell every phonemaker to put the logo on their devices, and I imagine not everyone would like this.

  • Luv_android

    I would like to see all Nexus phone have that nexus cross Logo on the back of it. (for ref, look the the pic android and me photoshopped for Nexus 4)

    • dino13

      Well at least they write on the new models nexus. Looks much better than the google logo. But the x should be in color.

      • heynomi4u

        The X in 4 colours looks extremely good!

    • Moises Rivera

      Yeah the Nexus cross logo is really nice, but a little android guy under that just indented into the casing would look really cool with it too lol.

  • cliffy223

    I really like the Nexus look and I agree with everyone the N4 should of had the “X” in the four colors, but maybe they didn’t b/c Google is trying to make an identity with the Nexus brand.

    What I think would be great is if every company included a 1″ X 1″ white and a green Android sticker for the customer to attach to the back of the phone.

    What would be even cooler is if the sticker was white but glowed green in the dark!!!

    • Moises Rivera

      That is another possibility, kind of like the apple sticker that comes with every device. I think anything that would help in this area would be awesome.

  • TheVoodoo

    While I agree with you, I think Google has elected Nexus as its brand and logo for Android devices; and other manufacturers wouldn’t want to give up precious real estate that could be occupied with their own logo.

    • Moises Rivera

      Yeah, It’s one of the main reasons why it would be so difficult. Google probably doesnt want to step on anyones feet, which unfortunately has happened already with all these lawsuits. Hopefully one day Google will create a device with Motorola that is up to par with everyone’s standard spec wise and might possibly sport that android logo on it. I would love it if they did.

  • DroidPower

    Like some of the others have said, the logo is determined mostly by the phone manufacturers. It doesn’t make sense for a phone company to put the OS logo on its hardware when it wants to advertise itself.

    But an Android logo on the Nexus brand would be awesome!

  • Brandon Thomas

    i had an old HTC Hero that had “with google” on the back. my thrive also has the “google” logo on it by the front camera

    • alexanderharri3

      HTC Thunderbolt also sports a “With Google” as most pre-GB launched HTC Devices.

  • jcommaroto

    I have a Macbook and my 1.5 year old learned the word Apple a few months ago. She of course sees the glowing logo and regularly points to it and says the word. However she also now associates any computer, tablet and phone as “Apple” ans asks for Apple whenever you wants one. The power of branding!

    So imagine if there was a little glowing Android on every device. I could see kids going “robot” in the same way.

    • Moises Rivera

      That would be cool. And I also think that this is the point, if android logos were on the devices themselves, then maybe instead of everything being about apple, people will see that android devices are just as good, and in many occasions, even better.

    • dino13

      Do we really want that our children grow up branded like that? It is important to explain to the kids that brands are not everything, we should at least try.

  • sandy105

    i had a lg with “with google” on the back …

    perhaps and aftermarket case/cover would satisfy all of us :P
    the droid guy with perhaps him eating the particular sweet/aka version of android ..and in different color choices !!!!

    P.S.and yes a nexus ” X” LOGO in coler would be so-so cool ..

  • Moises Rivera

    A case for the phones with the logo on it would be pretty cool as well. Maybe being on the actual device would be too much because manufacturers probably wouldn’t like it, but lets say for the Nexus devices, I think it would be pretty cool if Google sponsored some of the devices with specific cases that have the logo on it. Almost everyone uses cases for them nowadays and I think it would be a good investment. I know I would definitely buy one.

  • herbivore83

    I actually just walked past a mobile accessories store in the mall. I noticed the plethora of iPhone cases with the cut-out for the camera (which is typical) and the cut-out to show off the Apple logo. I thought to myself “Man, I am so glad my phones have never had a gaudy logo on the back.”

    If you care about logos, then you care about your phone as a status symbol, and Android really shouldn’t be (and is not) the place for that. Android is the phone for the everyman.

    I feel that this is akin to being like “Man, I wish my generic Kohl’s clothes had a logo on them like those American Eagle clothes”

    • herbivore83

      This, of course, is not to say you get Kohl’s quality, but to say open source communal things don’t go well with big corporate-feeling logos (penguin fans aside).

    • Moises Rivera

      To each his own you know? Not saying that you are wrong or that i disagree in any way, because I definitely understand where you are coming from. But then again, a logo doesn’t have to conform something to a status symbol. I run an android device regardless of there being a logo on it, and I just think it would be cool to have one on the devices. I’m not saying this to make it seem more like I want a logo to be all fancy and have the “cool thing that’s out” but more to show my dedication to android itself. I understand what you mean, but there is always two sides to doing things and one person could see it as innovative and awesome but another could see it as conforming.

      • herbivore83

        Totally agree. I love these forums because we all have differing opinions. Besides the fact that Android is awesome.

  • dino13

    The easy way out would be, to buy a new backcover with the logo. Does someone makes these? This would work for most of the phones (sorry HTC). But one has to ask if most of the people really want something like that? Maybe some kind of a study exist out there somwhere?

    • Moises Rivera

      Possibly, they do all kinds of surveys on the internet, one of them could potentially be looking into these kinds of things.

  • sonicdeathmunky

    I guess the handset manufacturers wouldn’t want any logo or branding that would overpower their own logos. It would be cool to have the Android logo on a Nexus device, but Google is already using their Nexus logo for that, to differentiate their Nexus line from everything else. I guess the only chance of this happening would be if Google ended up manufacturing their own phone from scratch or something.

    • Moises Rivera

      I agree, the likelihood isn’t very high, but to be honest I have wanted Google to make their own phone from scratch, kind of waiting for it to happen. If they did that, I think things would start getting even more competitive in the mobile phone world.

  • Randy White

    They should have a logo on every phone that is sold, regardless of the carrier or who makes it.

  • mattkelly

    I love the Droid!

  • Puzzled by Choice

    I agree with the logo, regardless of the manufacturer. You can find subtle ways to incorporate the trademark or logo of the software that’s driving your hardware. And for the Nexus brands, of course be bold about the use of the Logo. I like the idea of a glowing outline of the Android character or something similar.

  • Chris Lewis

    android phones dont need a logo

  • scaarg

    I’ve seen a logo on some LG Optimus Blacks and I kind of liked it.

    Hope the link works…

    • scaarg

      • dino13

        That sure doesnt look good, it looks cheap and ungly. But that’s just my opinion.

      • Moises Rivera

        It looks printed on you know? I was thinking something more engraved in.

  • gh0st665

    I think the “flagship” Android phones and the Nexus devices should come with an Android action figure. I could care less about the logo being on my phone since its going to be covered up by an Otterbox anyway.

    Plus, let the iSheep flaunt their logo. It’s like the brand they put on livestock anyhow. This free action figure idea = pure tech envy! Seriously, no trollin’! Who wouldn’t want a free Android action figure with their GSIII or Nexus 4?

    • Moises Rivera

      An android action figure would be sweet. Imagine if they had ones holding every type of update, like one with an ice cream sandwich, another with jelly bean, another with froyo etc. I would definitely collect them lol.

  • MisterLee

    I love the little android dude! I would soooo rock the crap out of that logo