Android OS Crazy Data Usage

Posted Dec 25, 2012 at 1:37 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Hey guys,

I don’t know if anyone of you have had this issue- the Android OS uses abnormally high amount of data. I currently have 6 GB of data in my plan but it wasn’t until I went over my data plan by $15 last month did I really realize how much data Android OS was eating.


Total Data used: 6.15 GB
Android OS: 2.87 GB (152B Foreground/2.87 GB Background)
Google+: 1.01 GB
Tethering: 1.66 GB
Internet: 199MB

I really only used about 2GB of data through the internet and apps…I fumbled through the ICS Data Usage and restricted background data on most of apps so that eliminated Google+ but this month,I used a total of 658MB of data and again Android OS is contributing to 383MB of it.

Can someone please explain to me what’s happening? Why is android background process eating so much data? Is anyone else experiencing something like this? After doing some searching online, it doesn’t seem like there is a clear solution…

Running GS2, Stock: 4.03

  • Daniel Hakimi

    I think that might be sync-related. Which might include things like Google Music.

    It might also include the play store.

    Still, I use both those services plenty… I guess I don’t constantly stream Google Music — I usually play on-device only… Yeah, 2.87 is kind of high.

    Tell it to do more things via wifi-only, I guess.

    • rock

      In just 7 days my used 24gb over wifi.

      • Nick Jensen

        Well I had the same problem, but i found something that works for me. The ‘Android OS’ used up almost all of my data. I restricted the background data in apps that would auto-sync or auto-update (like playstore, ATandT adress book were the big ones), and restricted notifications of updates for the play store. Now I barely have any Android OS data :D

        • wwendydog

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        • carmen

          How do you restrict the auto syncing for stuff?

        • Janelle

          i restricted all the background data and stuff but I’m still having OS data eating issues :/

      • ScrewedByUsage

        Having same problem, what a bunch of _ _ _ _!

    • guest

      removed my google account turned this turned Android os from using data service immediately

    • How do I restrict the backgroud?. (In simple terms plz I’m not to savvy on all this stuff) thank u

    • LJ

      I don’t stream video or music and have the same problem. I don’t use play store either. Won’t be buying another android unless they fix these problems.

  • Daniel Hakimi

    I just checked my own, and Google Music and the Play Store each count as their own items. I don’t know why the OS itself would be using so much data. I don’t think I have an “Android OS” item at all.

    Note that the numbers include amount of data transferred over wifi. At least, they do for me, or they wouldn’t add up.

    • wwendydog

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  • jonstle

    Possibly found an answer for you. some people have found that having phone backup turned on in the backup and reset settings can add a lot of data usage.

  • orangestrat

    It might be double counting your tethering if that’s built-in, or its adding in your WiFi usage. Its probably counting one of Google’s background services. I wish I could help more, I don’t have that category at all on my gnex. If you aren’t burning through your data, don’t worry too much about it

  • sonicdeathmunky

    I set most of my data-heavy apps to transfer data only when connected via WiFi. Gives me peace of mind when I’m out and about.

  • meer

    my Android Os is using 430MB of my 500 MB per day other usage such as youyube,internet,facebook and play store just used about 60 MB..what is contributing to Android OS usage.

    • Bibek

      I have same problem.i have no idea why android os is using my data so much.please send me solution when you’ll email adrs is [email protected].

    • Anu

      I am not sure though but It could be because of some malicious application transferring your sensible data (phone book, contacts, GPS, Phone conversations etc ) to some third party. Try installing anti mall ware attack apps. They scan all your installed applications for malicious piece of code and secure our phone data.

    • disappointed_androiduser

      its the video player.. a copy of defaut video player and its automatic download.. maybe google collecting user data.. my phone not rooted.. cant block that thing :( i can only stop but it automatically starts again

    • wwendydog

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  • Aeson

    I have same problem, android os use 39GB of my wifi data usage in less than a day. Not sure what have happen and hope someone have the answer of it. Please help. At this point I turn of my wifi also.

    • calvin

      did you ever find an answer to that issue? i’m having the same issue..

    • wwendydog

      Hi, I found a funny addictive game called Battle of the Saints II.This game is aweeeeeeeeeesome! Never played an action game like this one on phones before.The graphic is 3D and good, sound effect is good, the fight scene is good…I hate to say this but have to admit that everything IS good. My only complain is that the four classes are so limited options to choose from, new class will absolutely add more fun!

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  • MC_Android

    Old thread, Jonstle had the right answer. It was due to the Google backup setting turned on. However, after flashing several current ROMs, I realized that this issue was only occurring for me in ICS. I have backup settings turned on in jellybean ROMs and I am using normal amount of data. Hope that answers any questions out there

    • erin

      I am having the same issue,…….how do i fix it, in no tech terms please

      • Kristi puleri

        turn off the auto sync in google+ , if you have an android OS -2.3 you can go to settings , accounts and than disable the data background or else turn of the sync with your this way , your android woun’t have these problems..if you have an android OS +4 you can go to settings , data usage , mobile data , choose for example play store , tick out the box at the end of your screen

  • mokito

    I never had backup data activated and android os is consuming 1.45gb of 2gb in 20 days. I have 3gb limit so I disabled almost all background data app.

    • MC_Android

      Are you on ICS out of curiosity?

  • mokito
  • SGB101

    I don’t know how u lot are getting such high numbers. I reset my device 8 days ago (4.1.2) and in that time the OS is showing 2.6mb (yes mb) of data use, and 51mb over wifi.

    I don’t have restrictive background data enabled and Auto sync is enabled.

  • LukeT32

    According to my Data Usage on CM10 Nightlies Android OS has used 32mb in the background since Mar 3rd. 0.0mb used in the foreground. I have everything sync/back up…..

  • phouvieng

    MThe damn OS ate all my data. I only get 500mb a month and our sure it all. Can i get compensated. I mean i can’t afford to Getty more data.

    • MC_Android

      If your phone is on ICS, 4.0.X, that is likely your issue. Turn off “backup data to Google servers” or something along the lines of that. Other route is root your phone and flash a jellybean ROM

  • pliu.2014

    if you are using alot of tethering i would suggest rootng your phone, because this allows the phone to use no data when it is being tethered. and to solve your question, I would get a limiter on the data because that would warn you about the data limit. THere is apps and the settings do have that feature.

  • erni

    Where would I go to turn off the backup data to Google servers?

    • SGB101

      Settings, data usage, then select the apps you wish to turn it off, scroll to bottom and tick box mark restrict background data.

      Redo for each app. There may be a quicker way, but that’s the way I just figured out now.

      I don’t know what effects it may have on apps, I think each app may react differently.

      • ryool

        Restricting background data will not let you access youtube videos. It will restrict emails from being sent etc. My s4 has used 500mb in 2 hours for android os background processes. Ever sync and back up option has been disabled. The data usage is confirm with my carrier. Someone must have an answer.

    • Ronnie

      Go to settings—Back Up And Reset–And Uncheck Back Up Data..
      That’s ICS btw

  • daniel

    I just found out mine was on as well and my android os was using 2.30g of data. Hope this works thanks everyone. Another question is why are “removed apps” using 77.58mb of data!?

    • daniel

      Found this out as well, the stats are not real time so if you remove an app that was using data before it is now under removed apps untill the next month.

  • daniel

    Im on ics and have had this same problem. 2.0G android os will comsume in 14 days. I have had google back up off and sync off for some time now. Anyone think it may be android constantly looking for firmware updates, although there is no option for it?

    • daniel

      Think i found why. “software update” running for 53hrs. Started by “dmclientservice”.

      • katie

        Did u stop the software updates??

  • Rillion

    I’m having a similar issue. While I’m not concerned about the total amount of data usage, to me the issue is that every day around noon, my phone starts using its data connection (always over the cellular as I’m at work and not on wifi). Something is running in the background and from the usage the only thing using enough data is Android OS (leading user of data). It is getting really frustrating as while it is doing this, it will cause web pages to fail to load because they time out (since it seems the “background” usage is taking priority). I’ve turned off the backup mentioned above, I’ve restricted background data on all my apps, yet it still does it, every day, same time, around noon, which is my lunch break, which means I can’t surf the web on my phone during my lunch break because the connection becomes so slow. I can have nothing running and the little 4G green and orange arrows are constently flashing as I do nothing.

  • daniel

    You ca stop the processes. (software update) it will restart if phone is restarted. You cannot remove the app. From what i.have read its an unofficial app that comes with ics, and the only way to remove is to root your phone. Im still.not 100% sure if this is what causing android os to use over 2gigs of data during a one month period but it is more then likely the scorce. Nothing factual yet since i cannot conduct a proper test untill the next month starting on the 27th.

  • drwtbjfan

    I’ve had my background data restricted and “Check automatically for software updates” unchecked for many months. “Back up my data” is checked but my wife has the same settings and Android OS has used less than 2 MB on her phone during the same period mine has used over 200. I’m wondering Daniel where you found the info about the 53 hour software update?

  • daniel

    Under app setting/running apps.

  • daniel

    I found out it is software update for sure through simple measuring of data usage since i paid my bill. Software update also restarts “when it wants”. Not just from restarting the phone.

  • daniel

    Also with ics update there is no longer an “automatically check for software updates” option.

  • Rubee

    I am running a 4.2.2 Slim Bean Build 6 on my Galaxy S3. This problem never happened before. I really don’t want to turn off Sync because i have multiple Android devices i like to sync. I just flashed Build 6 a few days ago.. Would that be the problem? Should I stick to Build 5?

    Here’s a Picture:

    • Rubee

      I’m glad i set a limit and everything but now i don’t feel safe using Mobile data when i need it (aka $$$)

  • SGB101

    Just seen this at Android headlines, reporting a bug in the sgs3 stock browser, uses more data than it should

  • daniel

    Im using lg ms770 4g btw. Running ics 4.2

  • Cuddy Powdy

    My Galaxy S4′s Android OS has consumed 514MB in 15 days. Seriously?

  • Michelle

    Yesterday june 7th my os services used 484 MB idk wtf os services are or why it is taking so much dang data but it’s pissing me off cause I only have 2 GB of data a month.. I turned my backup off and everything but if someone please maybe from a Verizon store or someone intelligent enough to know why android is fucking taking data like its candy but it needs to stop my number is 8287727180 n my email is [email protected] please someone contact me to help me!!! Gahhhhh

  • saksham

    Guys I got sol I didn’t read all comments so if someone said this erlier sorry buddy………. here is sol
    First set your data limit in data usage settings then open option menu and u will see an option restrict baground usage…….:)

    • matt

      Saksham, while that works for other apps, it doesn’t give you the option for android os.

  • SGB101

    My current usage for wife, for this month (3-10june) is 215gb on the 5th it was 455gb.

    There seems to be a bug in the cm10.1n data reporting. When I first noticed on the 5th I almost shat myself, jumped online and checked my actual usage via my BB provider. It was 32gb for the 3 days, about right for my household.

    The mobile data reporting seems unaffected by the bug.

  • Wade

    Mine has used 715 mb between June 7-11, while connected to wi fi and with “limit data usage” checked. Work from home with wi fi connected 90% of the time. I’m going to throw this phone at someone! I miss my Blackberry!!!

    • tolu

      I hav tried all possible means to reduced the way my own phone eat my data but no solution then I dash the phone out and I go for bb. Now I’m. Using 250mb per month

  • ali

    Hi I am using a htc one in greece and I am teathering it to my iphone.. here you have to buy 5euro cards to get 500mb and usually that lasts me a few days when using on the iphone I go to facebook internet, etc… and i use it for hours at a time…

    today i just put 500mb and my android phone ate it all in a matter of 15 minutes … i would enter “YP” to check how much data i have …. few minutes later went down 100….another minute…went down 50….went down 100 and I wasn’t even using it..

    any ideas? this normally doesnt happen i ended up buying another card

    i went to settings and closed all running apps but is there somthing else I should be aware of?


  • Wade

    Last night I removed some apps that I added about two months ago, and it has stopped using data completely. I guess my issue must have been one of the apps? Some of them were games for my kids, like name that tune, US Geography games, etc…

  • chris g

    i think i found the REAL answer…when i activated my phone at the verizon store i breezed thru the setup because the guy just kept telling me to skip thru it…and i just reset my device to factory setting, ran thru the setup again, and there was a screen that asked if i want to allow google to use info off my phone and it said it may use background data…i unchecked both boxes and so far it seems to have been the problem. dont know for sure yet tho!

    • Harm C

      The screen at 6:18 you meant?

      • chris g

        yes…that youtube video should help some more ppl see what im talking about…i know this is most ppls problem with the android os using so much data..mine was using like 200 MEGA bytes in like 6hrs…just crazy!

    • Harm C

      definitely touched a thing here.
      unchecked the location data,
      set a fake gps location with ‘My Fake Location’ app
      now the problem swapped from ‘OS services’ to Android-system eating a lot of data
      (according to ‘My Data Manager’)

  • chris g

    u got it!!…i unchecked both and my battery is lasting way longer and my android os has only used 653 KB!!! that was definately my problem!!! its crazy that google wants to dominate the world by using my battery and wants me to pay for more data on verizon iust so they can have a map monopoly on the world…good thing im no dummy and actually have the will to find the REAL problem!!

  • Harm C

    Im looking further though,
    safest thing for my data now is:
    using ‘tasker’

    my main goal is to still keep whatsapp and gmail running so I stay up to date on the go.
    leaving the google contact sync for wifi only (which shows up way too often in ‘OS monitor’-s connection tab)

    yesterday I tested if whatsapp was still working with this settings and it did. Took 30 seconds to receive a message though.

    further; OS service went up when I was switching between ‘My Data Manager’ and Settings developper tab without changing anything. it then gave me a couple of kB every time (5-10).
    With the autosync setting it gives +1kB every few times I switch which is very acceptable.
    When putting autosync on it gives +20kB sometimes.

    only thing that is left for me; having gmail working on mobile data only (I know I put it off the hard way)

  • Harm C

    last sentence of previous post should’ve been “gmail working on wifi only”.

    noted that my launcher (Apex Launcher) had “upload statistics” checked on and was not in the list of data consuming apps. So your launcher can be in ‘OS Services’ as well.

  • Jim1984

    Hi Bro,

    this kind of thing can happen while you are trying to install apps or useing to modify your phone with some multimedia.

    I willl suggest use some tool like Mobogenie avaialble at and you will be able to recude your data cost.

  • shaks

    There is a bug on my Samsung S4 running 4.2.2. YouTube data usage gets counted as “Android OS” rather than under its own “YouTube” heading. This is confirmed. Others have same issue. Hope it helps

    • josh

      This was my issue.
      proven by checking the android os downloads for a while. and they didnt change.

      then watched a youtube video and the android os downloads went up.

      cant wait for my internet at home to be fixed so i can use the wifi.

    • Naresh

      Hi Shaks

      Greetings from South Africa

      I have the same problem on my S4.
      Have you managed to find a solution to this?
      I had the entire board changed but its stilll doing the same thing.



  • Wesley

    Just had the same problem, disable Auto-sync data, which can be found under the ” data usage ” ” option ” and see what happens

  • MattJ

    Watching video YouTube/Orange TV (for sky sports) will add the data to Android OS. Odd but true.

  • alz

    Hi guys my s4 I have had for a month on the 18. My vodafone data is 3GB. Have 200GB of wireless at home and my phone has used 16.5GB of data. 5.1GB of mobile data and 11.4GB of wireless.Vodafone now want to sting me with excess usage of over $200. Never once went over data usage with mi iphone 4. How can I fix this?

  • Naresh

    i have the S4, Android OS data usage is crazy.
    i found that Youtube and other video data usage gets logged and added to android OS usage.
    so u cant tell what your Youtube usage is, and what the OS is consuming.

    i thought it was a setting issue but found no setting to chang this.
    Does anyone out ther have a solution to this?

  • Rene

    HTC One here.
    Android OS used up 400mb of data in 18 days. Turned off auto backup – now it shows 100mb for android OS.
    For me android OS seems to include Blinkfeed and the stock browser so that’s OK. :)

  • Nate

    I have an s4 and my OS was using 10 times my total usage combined of everything else. I sent it in under warrenty and was told I had a bad antenna and my motherboard was beyond repair so they sent a brand new phone. I used my electrify m until new phone arrived with no problems for almost a whole month. My new s4 came and worked for a week. Now the OS is smoking me with data usage again. US cellular wanted me to send phone in again so I called samsung directly (1800 samsung) I was told by Samsung while looking at data usage select your settings button then check the box that says turn off background data… Or something to that effect. That seemed to help, but that restricts you tube to wifi only so maybe it is that youtube is showing up under android os?

    • MC_Android

      Yes, for certain phones (it is confirmed with the S3, had it with my S2…likely the S4 as well) some data used will register under Android OS.

      With my Xperia ZL, I experience the same issue where both Android OS and Youtube will increase after an watching a few hundred mb’s of data on the youtube app.Try it yourself if you aren’t sure. Take note of your Android OS data and also your Youtube data and watch 15 – 20 minutes of youtube. If they both increase, you can at least claim partial causality due to this bug.

  • nathan

    S4. Im getting really annoyed. In the past day my os has used 500mb. I have been watching youtube quite a bit so if it is being recorded under os then that makes much more sense

  • Jonathan


    Because android have different menus The solution is different :(

    But Google now sends updates of settings and some apps to their servers.

    On à Sony Ericsson The solution is under settings, privacy and then uncheck

    Dont say “i have backup disabled” cause tven we are not talking about The same setting.
    The problem is backup of settings to googles servers.

    Good luck

  • Antotabo

    Hi all,

    This might not be the right answer for everyone, but I found the right one for me. My phone is an (old) Nexus S, rooted and I have flashed CyanogenMod 10.1 just to let you know.

    I figured out that the high data usage that was reported from “My Data Manager” app was wrong. It reported very high data for “OS services”. I took a look on the android setting’s built-in data usage and the total data usage was actually a good amount lower than what “My Data Manager” reported (something like 300 mb instead of 600). Also, Os services did not appeared as using big data. I confirmed this by looking at my data usage online with my provider.

    So basically, in my case, the answer is; don’t thrust “My Data Manager”. Hope this help some of you.

  • bucky

    I’ve been having problems with high data usage for the last month or so. I remember installing a few things around the beginning of August but couldn’t remember everything I installed.

    I’ve tried installing what I could remember installing, then went through all of the options in the thread above but I could still see a shed load of data under system.root and I’d noticed it was almost as bad on mobile, not just wifi.

    It was only when I disabled Hola that the usage stopped. I know the app isn’t used by everyone but it’s worth considering if you have it installed.

    It seems to be the accelerator that’s causing the problem but I’ll just disable the whole app until each time I use it.

    • Kenneth Zerafa

      I disabled Hola and everything sorted itself out. Thanks for advice!

  • Odera King

    Androind eats lots of data because there are lots of unfaithful people maning their system and from time to time they reset their system to take a chunk of what you have. That not withstanding has solution. I downloaded two apps that monitors each other and they help me turn-of my data any time their madnes of resetting their system sets in .Do same.

  • finally

    Ok so ive spent last four hours trying to fix this. >.SO HERES WHAT WORKED FOR ME
    (Using tablet, 4.1 jelly bean, mobile hotspot), i think it might also work for people not using mobile hotspots, i think this options connected to background data usage, just try if this option comes up for you, here goes:
    Settings->data usage->options ( “the three dots”)->mobile hotspots-> check my mobile hotspot device as mobile hotspot! Couldnt believe this helped!
    Ive tried everything you guys said before doing it and none of it helped. Although i dont have restrict background stuff option anywhere,,

    >>>FOUND IT VERY HELPFUL to have My data manager app running while trying to find solution, cause it shows data usage in status bar, and when i tap that i can see os usage, chrome usage etc, if i wanna, very helpful
    >Also i went through all apps in settings->apps->all, force stopping and disabling most of them (was shitting myself about disabling some system apps but i did it to a couple and it seems fine so far) but i dont think thats what helped. Anyway, thats the last thing i did before telling android about the mobile wifi.

    Hope this helps someone
    I hate android and google >.<

  • finally

    Odera king, can you explain a bit more? Not sure i understand what youre saying..

  • finally

    I would still love to know what caused it!!!
    Cause verything was ok for like 2mts at least, since i started using mobile hotspot and then suddenly two days ago 9gig in 2days! (Im buying 3 or 5 gig every month, prepaid)
    And no, i dont think i installed any apps in the last few days. If anyone has an idea what could have caused it please reply!
    (Im on 4.1 jelly bean, using mobile hotspot)

  • finally

    Ok so it started again next day!!
    My friend,s techy friend said its either roaming data (which it is not, its all turned off) or an app. So the only solution i see is to uninstall all apps (and reinstall one by one if i need some back). So i uninstalled a few recent ones checking data all the time. My data manager app is useful.

  • willis pickett

    Just got this new phone it used 20 g first month.the os is using more than me my old phone doesn’t use any os I ever saw your company rip me off for 400,00 + last month if something not done about this I’m calling my bank stopping your pay because I find you in void of your contact ! Steeling leaving you!

  • nipunali

    Now the problem swapped from ‘OS services’ to Android-system eating a lot of data
    according to ‘My Data Manage. If your phone is on ICS, 4.0.X, that is likely your issue. Turn off “backup data to Google servers” or something along the lines of that. Other route is root your phone and flash a jellybean ROM

  • Twilosket

    same with my Android OS, it consumed 200MB from 500MB data plan, I’m seriously bored down by this Android OS! someone should Please help out.

  • Chicka

    Same problem with Android OS on an LG Optimus Pro G.

    My boyfriend and I have same phone – we’ve checked all our settings and they appear to be exactly the same. His phone uses 5X the data mine does doing the same thing – data manager says it’s the OS pulling the majority every time. Don’t know what to adjust on his phone and have found nothing helpful online.

    Really hoping someone can figure this out.

  • deepak

    data usage by android os is not any kind of bug and is not caused by any malware. following are the reasons of data consumed by android os

    1. keeping auto sync on. but disabling this can delay or disable the notifying of emails, sync any data of calendar storage, updating ur calender schedules etc.

    2. data consumed by the in-built browser that usually pop up when u try connecting game to facebook or while doing any in-app purchases

    3. data consumed by android device backup on google servrers. disable it from settings> backup and restore

    4. data comsumed by push notifications via google servers. this can be switched off by disabling bg data of Google services / google play store services but it may cause problems like delaying of notifications and also cause problem while installing app from play store

    5. last and most important… data used by android device manager. this is the main culprit of excessive data usage. many few guys know this. this android device manager consumes so much of data because it continuously upload ur activities on dashboard. i know this is good for phone security but if you are concerned with data usage please switch it off. if your device is stolen then there r many other ways to find it out and
    if ur device is stolen by a software geek he will first delete your google account from settings and your android device manager will not work at all. i had switched off this option on my phone and since then i had controlled android os data usage 50 to 80 mb permonth which was either previously 500 mb permonth.

    and last but not least. you can lower your data used by android os… just delete your current google account from settings and link your phone to a freshly made google account. this change will cause serious effects to most of your apps but you can troubleshoot it in due course by relinking it to your new account. i am telling this coz as you continue to use same account many new sync processes are established in servers..also of some of the apps that you uninstalled. play store keeps record of the app you had downloaded but doesn’t delete the record after you uninstall it. check yourself in the dashboard.

    hope my tips help you guys. comment me if any suggestions

  • logan

    I have the same problem……..Data Usage show that i have huge amount of data being used for “GOOGLE OS”

    the culprit in my case is the GOOGLE + application. Thinking back, i kinda notice this problem every since i installed google + apps on my android.

    What happened? Well by default, installing google + apps automatically configured the application to do autobackup of all your photos and videos. And i mean whatever that shows up in gallery, downloaded etc etc. Damn…..

    So launch your google plus application, click on menu… on autobackup and turn OFF autobackup at the far top right of the phone

    if you really want to backup those videos and pics…..well you can configure it to only perform using Wifi

    Remember…..i am not referring to the backup option on the phone…..its actually another autobackup feature withing google plus apps

  • luminelx64

    I’m running on ICS 4.0.4
    I also have the same problem of Android OS data.
    my guess is, the NSA in collaboration with Google are busy harvesting our data such as photos, documents, contacts, call logs etc.

  • Anik

    Bro, Ho to settings>Data Usage>(press menu button)>Mark (Restricte background data… Its 100% works……

  • Praveen

    I remember my old Samsung e 2232 small dualsim handset it used to survive on just 50 mb yes just a piece of these GBs for THE WHOLE MONTH. And see this ediot android. Still no solution to the OS data eating problem.

  • scotski

    The only thing I found was Google play service. It seems this service has full control of your phone. It can change your settings, make calls, send texts etc. Not sure if it us the problem but I cannot find anything else. I may post back after I figure out how to remove it, or if my data usage drops since I stopped it.

  • tamsrenee

    I have only had the new lg g2 for three months…i have done nothing different than i did with the old phone, yet it is eating massive amounts of data. The first month the culprit according to my graph was google play. Ever since it is the operating system. My brother and my mom have the same phone…only difference is mine is white, theirs black. For one month my brother’s os only uses about 26 MB….and yet mine for the same amount of time uses 3 GB? Thats insane…no idea what the problem is. There are only a few apps i use regularly and they were the same on the old phone. We rarely went over 8GB each month. But because of my phone issue we have had to up it and now we are at 18…please help if anyone has any ideas! Thanks.

  • wasabi

    i think Android OS are playing us coz the problem only started when i restricted background data.instead of the data Graph lowering its gradient it still remained the probably that Is a control mechanism that kicks in to maintain heavy data usage…cincerned!!

  • kanav

    You could try going to Settings→Data usage, define a global limit (can be imaginary, e.g. 5 GB), and then scroll to “suspect apps”: open their entries, scroll down, and check “limit background data”. Then those wouldn’t use background data while on mobile data, while working as usual when on WiFi or in foreground. That’s what I did with e.g. Google Play (to keep it from always checking for updates in background) about half a year ago. No side-effects seen yet.

  • Barbara Fuschetti-Davis

    How large is the so screen?? I have the s4 have had it for only 6 months I would consider getting the same but what r some differences besides mgb??

  • Dave

    The OS services data problem just arose for me tonight. I know that it is related to my installation of “utorrent remote” Because my wife and I both installed it on identical phones and the problem appeared – I noticed right away that the download indicator was not going off for very long.

    She immediately uninstalled the app, but the problem remained. However, the data usage problem went away when we switched to mobile data.

    Still, for my phone to suck back 9MB in about 5 minutes for no discernible reason is unacceptable.

    I will reset my phone if it continues. … I’m a loyal Google user, but I must say that this is a serious problem that should have been addressed shortly after this thread began.

  • kaitlyn

    I’ve been having the same issue and am trying to find a solution as well!

  • John

    Hi, I am having the same problem. I just discovered that watching a single video on youtube can consume up to 20-30mb or more. And this os with the hq off. The mb`s are appeared as ‘android os’. Can anyone confirm it? I think it is a massive amount of data just for one sd video. Any solution?

  • raph

    I’m so pissed about how my android phones consumes data like its a feast. I’ve searched for better sustaining plans, but still it even gets worse. I self-discovered how to restrict background data;which I did, but I won’t be able to access other apps, ignoring some important infos due to delay. So now i resorted to browsin so limitedly, app at a time as if my phone was incapacitated…so annoying. Please help me out, cos I’m super frustrated with all this android shit!
    Mayb I’ll have to go back to a blackberry, cos its more convenient and not as extortive. Thanks! Raph.

  • Charlene Williams

    At least you dont have a $2000.00 bill from Vodafone cos on casual data plan of 50c per MB the phone somehow used 4G in 2 minutes.
    They say it is not a glitch and it was really used.
    I did have my data turned on for 2 minutes but my phone shows no record of that use.
    Does show andriod os as the main user at about 34MB.
    What on earth do I do about that? And how could it even happen?



  • Obey Hakulandaba

    Hie I managed to fix my problem…
    Try disabling Samsung apps from setting applications..
    Hope this works for you.

  • Paddy


    For Galaxy Note 2 it’s working for other models it should also work

    First thing you need to do is … go to settings-> data usages-> in data usage cycle set your billing period say every month 1st
    then set it to 1 april-31 may

    make sure mobile data is checked

    in the below graph set the warning limit to say 100MB and end limit to 1GB(or what ever data plan limit you have)

    Now you will get warning on reaching warning threshold and will be notified of high data consuming app… here we can say google+

    now from below listed apps select google+ and then click on view app settings

    click on auto backup-> back up photos->over wifi-only
    un-check backup local folders,roaming , while charging only
    on to auto-backup- set to off

    now click on back key
    again backup key
    just below the view app settings – check -restrict background data

    click on back key and for all other high data consuming app do follow the following step

    just below the view app settings – check -restrict background data

    thats all

    to keep track on how much data is being consumed you can use a handy app – My Data Manager

    if your issue get resolved by this please don’t forget to mark as correct answer and share it.


  • Sri

    Found out that the issue is not persisting on nexus 4 and only in nexus 5.(Thats very strange.)

    Temporary Solution until Google fixes this. Just root your phone and freeze Android System Update.
    That will fix the mysterious data consumption issue.

  • prince

    im using xperia z, i used it to play a game named clash of clans,now i hv two major problems…1st battry draining so fast even when connected to charger…company says charge it then play….i wanna ask them what kind of fucking phone is this i pay 40k for this,for nothing.2nd android os…usses 310 mb out of 600…i disabled everything….youtube,playstore,sync,everything…still its using….i dont want ur fucking os…just wanna play my game u idiots…

  • Eugene Eu

    Hi guys, it’s been a few days now and I’ve did some changes.
    I’ve disbled Sync All, inclusive of back-ups last month, but Android OS is still spiking.

    This time, I’ve restricted background data of this “application” that is listed as “Google Services”.
    It doesn’t seem to make a major impact on my usage of my phone, however there is one huge con–whatsapp doesn’t give you push-notifications promptly.

    My Android OS is still at 4mb throughout 2 weeks and I’m rather happy at that.
    I’m still investigating, but in the meantime, I figured I should share this news to you guys in hope that it’ll help someone out there.

  • Dr. X

    Hello friends..
    just try out Droidwall..
    it can restrict AndroidOS data access..
    but Need Root access to droidwall..

  • EddyH

    I found that leaving the majority of apps on the device and not moving the ones that I can move to the SD saves on my battery. Can anyone verify this?

  • kemala

    My family is having the same problem with the Android OS.

  • KandyK

    I’ve seen a lot of comments on the Galaxies, but I have a HTC Incredible 4g LTE. And this is the first time this has ever happened and I’ve had this phone for over a year. Today randomly I hit my usage limit for the first time… In ONE day my Android OS used 544mb of background usage. I am so confused and have over a week left on this months data. T-T What happened? No new apps downloaded or anything.

    • KandyK

      [EDIT] I just turned off my Google Backup Data stuff since that’s what I’ve read is most likely the problem… But why? Why after having this phone soooo long would it randomly use 500+ mb in a day for no apparent reason?

      • Tommy

        I have the same friggin problem… after a half a year suddenly this problem sticks it head up! Im running 4.4.4 on my necus 5

  • pjay

    I’m so pissed.
    I’ve lost almost all my data and Google has no word on this .
    Why is it downloading/uploading so much data.
    I’ve disabled Google apps but still problem persists.
    Even background restrictions don’t help.
    I think we’re actually being SCROOGLED *_*

  • shabir

    i had this issue. i was thinking that android OS is using my data.But when i looked carefully, this was not the case. that android OS background data shows the usage of data by other apps or website of your phone. for example, so far i have used 412 MB in my galaxy s5 T-mobile. and the android OS shows 333 MB of data usage. here is the trick, you should manually calculate all other usage of data by other apps and websites. you would see that it adds almost 412 something. conclusion, that android OS data background is not the data that you have not used.
    sorry for my English, i am a foreign speaker.

  • wwendydog

    I’m new here!
    Great to meet you!!

  • wwendydog

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  • deep

    Hi guys, the similar problem i’m facing on micromax canvas a210 Android 4.2.1 I have a Vodafone postpaid connection on it. My phone has consumed 2 GB data within 3 days in background processes then I’ve disabled all Google processes and auto sync etc but it is still consuming some data….
    Please somebody tell me a helpful solution.

  • Elize

    Seriously my Android OS used 100GB one month and 64GB the other!!! Our internet supplier “throttled” us and now it takes me like 10 sec just to open google!!!

  • noblen

    the best method is..
    restrict most of ur apps from data usage n mark limit background data on each app u enter..
    uncheck auto sync to Google backup.. and location access..
    root ur Fone n use driodwall

  • Jonell

    the best way to solve is by:
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Click Data Usage ( this is in the upper part when you click Settings , it is under WiFi and Bluetooth)
    3. Click your settings button ( usually on most Android Phones it is beside your Home Button either on the right or left)
    4. Uncheck Auto Sync Data ( a prompt message will appear that it will conserve your battery and data usage)
    5. You can also check Restrict Background Data so that apps will not use data when Data Connection or 3g is on.

    Hope this will work for you guys:))

  • yusuke

    My samsung tab had same problem and still draining data for android os even turned off auto sync data,uninstall samsung apps , uncheck backup data , disable google services ,set mobile data limit ,update no more google+ but sometimes it works for short period . its ok . Then after 1 month i juz chg telco line to my digi and surf data in my tab .. . the same problem occurs . About 500 mb/day donated to android os and i redo the frickin steps but the result is same . Wtf . Anyone knows what to do now ? Sorry bad lang.

  • pricemuzor
  • jhood

    ive been have the same issue I went to developer options and clicked on the option that did not allow any background processes

  • kieran

    I have the same problem! How do I cut the data usage down?

  • Frederick Kaak

    Have the same problem.

    Lots of answers I found here.

    Here’s another site with tricks to stop this.

    Hope this can be of any help

  • mechele

    I just got my phone just a lil over a week ago n my data has already exceeded. It shows Android OS n play store ate it up. HELP

  • Josep

    Hi all,

    I had the same issue. My Samsung S4 ate all my 1GB dataplan in one night, while sleeping.

    Gmail was the application responsible. It needed about 900MB to sync 3 accounts.
    I had tried to clear the data for gmail and resync again, nothing worked.

    Finally, I found the reason was my Inbox being too crowded (I marked emails as read instead of archiving them, because I use them with IMAP clients). My hypothesis is that gmail syncs index files, and this may take a lot of space.

    Now I cleaned up the inboxes of all my accounts and syncing uses 200 times less data.

    Hope this might help someone else.
    Best regards,