Android peripherals. When will we see more?

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 10:21 pm in Threads > Opinions

So i got the idea for this thread as i was at the gym today. Im looking around deciding which machine to run on and as i look at the more advanced ones with cable tv and among other things a specific hook up only for ipods. Just about every single piece of equipment in the gyms that has these peripherals are all for ipods/iphones. Now you can use a usb cable in some places but still doesn’t do what the connection for the idevice does. Now everyone might not like those or even use those but its kind of nice if i want to hook up my phone and control it from the treadmill while charging it as well. Its a nice feature to have. Now im talking mainly about the gym equipment but we all know that majority of items today are usually(key word)geared towards idevices. Granted i have seen some more adoption for android for example the popular maker of all kinds of i device peripherals ihome have just started making some items for android but still its limited.

I understand that the iphone had a head start and as we know is uber popular so it beat android to the punch. But my question to you the readers is this: Do you think android peripherals will ever match or dominate idevices in adpotion into other devices(i.e gym equipment) and if so when? Also what peripherals would you like to see for android go mainstream or just any peripherals in general? Lastly do you think there could be some kind of dual or universal option? Sound off in the comments.

  • Greg

    I think manufacturers need to get behind this. Android supports USB which should give Android the uper hand. Device could also support BT for communication. I don’t understand why they are running behind on peripherals.
    As an educator this limits us to iProducts. Not good!

    • cliffy223

      My wife who is a teacher gets bothered by other teachers and administrators who think that apple products are the only choice

  • Declan

    Agree with the sentiments above, we have made a start.

    We are currently launching a silent alarm solution for Android. The solution consists of an Android App and wristband. The App communicates with the wristband via bluetooth

    A user can manage alarms on the app, the app sends alarms to the wristband via bluetooth, the wristband vibrates to wake/alert the user on an alarm event.

    Simple really, what are your thoughts

    • uknowme

      Nice! I really like your idea and I hope it gains popularity.

  • speed9dev

    I think every should go to a universal micro USB port. Apples always goes the proprietary way. Its like there new lightning port instead of putting in a feature that does nothing they should of added a Micro USB port. It would make it better for the consumers

    • nimslake

      Yeah, Kodak did the same for their camera and printer. And so many complained and sent the products back. I trolled Lots of reviews post purchase.
      Not only that if something happened to the connector cables, which often did it was difficult to get a replacement one. You always had to order it and wait. So if you were taking pics and needed this for school projects you were pretty much out of luck.
      Our solution was to move to other products that had a universal micro USB.

      (Aside: the Blackberry phone charger cable was great, it crossed over to my HTC Android for Aria to my One X. ) Such a nice thing! Especially when family doesn’t always use the same products and we don’t have to multiple cables to charge things.)

      Anyone else have similar setup?

  • Dave

    I am really surprised there is not more interest in Android accessories on the micro USB. I was looking for an RC transmitter and could only find PC dongles. I should be able to control and receive data from all my other devices using an android phone: start my car, change channels on my tv, check the thermostat and adjust it, run my RC toys. A big problem is the wireless frequencies common to these things differ. With the Mini PC (MK 802), is an opportunity to start building the accessories to operate over your WiFi network. It will take manufacturers many years, but as long as Android remains Open Source, this idea could drive the next economic boom.

  • mattkelly

    I still can’t believe the Galaxy Nexus never got a proper dock!

  • dino13

    Well the problem about android for the accessories manufacturers is for what phone do you bild the peripharels? Android phones have different sizes, shapes, the microUSB port is positioned individually. I doubt it that there is any time soon a chance that android catches up with iPhone. Beside that, android users have unfortunately the reputation of not wanting to pay for staff.

  • decker

    The coolest peripheral I’ve seen so far is really simple. Game Clip

    Basically it clips onto a PS3 controller and holds your phone in place.

    I would really like to see an Infrared doggle though. I could replace countless controllers with something like that.

  • heynomi4u

    I think Micro USB should just be the standard and all these manufactures should install it by default!

  • cliffy223

    I have always wondered why there are so many idevice peripherals than Android/standard micro usb connections. I can only see that companies use the 30 pin connector as a selling device over other products.

    I think now the apple has changed their ports it is causing some companies to rethink what extras their products will have know that their are more ports to worry about. Micro USB for Android, Windows, and Blackberry, Firewire for Iphone5 and up, and 30 pin connector for all other idevices.

  • kelltrash14

    Standardization would be dreamy. I do think there could be better than micro-usb though, I do like the orientation-independent new iphone connectors. Of course, can’t use that, because it has annoying drawbacks (Apple owned, the security aspects which aren’t necessary).

    I suppose there’s also some standardization needed from manufacturers on how these device connections will work. It’s easy for iDevices as there’s a music out part to the connector which is specifically used. It gets more complicated with android devices. I guess Google would have to institute those sorts of guidelines, the sooner the better so compatibility is closer to universal.