Android Stock Messaging App Update

Posted Dec 14, 2012 at 8:22 pm in Threads > Apps

Anyone notice that with the Jelly Bean update to 4.2.1 Google updated their stock Messaging app to properly support mass testing? Unfortunately a lot of my friends are iPhone users and love to mass text lots of people at the same time. Before Android 4.2.1 each response to these messages would show up in a separate thread from each individual person. It was almost impossible to keep up with the conversation.

Now with Android 4.2.1, all responses show up in the same thread! Also when I respond it goes to everyone. I was really hoping for change for a long time and am really excited they fixed it. I just thought it was odd how I didn’t read anything about it. It was a big deal in my mind.

  • lou2cool88

    Yeah, I’m really excited about this. I had been using Euroskank’s AOKP rom on my VZW Galaxy Nexus specifically for the purposes of proper MMS. I couldn’t stand getting 5 different threads when it was supposed to be a thread. Now I’m running MMuzzy’s stock AOSP 4.2 Jelly Bean rom and I was relieved to see stock support for MMS!

  • gh0st665

    Wow! And as soon as Sprint moves the update to my Galaxy Nexus I will love this !!

  • ndub21

    Yeah, I was really excited to figure this out once I got the update on my Galaxy Nexus. It’s just surprising that I’ve never seen anyone else mention this.

  • sandy105

    hey thats nice ..i never noticed it ..whatsapp only for some time now..
    ha ha good observation :)

  • heynomi4u

    Does Jelly Bean have a stock dialer too or do I have to go through contacts and select one to make calls?

    • ndub21

      Not sure what you mean by stock dialer, but yes it still has the dialer app with contacts on a separate tab. It doesn’t have speed dial, and where you can just hold down one number to call someone like some manufacturer skins do. But you can mark people as favorites so their picture shows up at the top of your contact list. You can also set up quick dial widgets for people you call often. If you put them in a folder on your desktop then it’s like speed dial.

      Of course you can always search for them using the Google Search box or just browse through the contact list. Lots of options.

      • heynomi4u

        Thanks for that info. I think in that case I’ll just use exDialer. I like to have that keypad option where I can search by inputting numbers and hard press to dial.

  • Chris Lewis

    AndroidPolice (not a plug) does a great job finding every little detail of new updates and I think they included this in there.

  • Charlong666

    This is the first I heard about it and I follow all the major Android blogs (and a few smaller ones). Thank youndub21!

    • ndub21

      Yeah, I follow a lot of them as well and I’m always trying to read about everything that changes in each Android update. Never saw this one lifted though.

  • jonstle

    Finally, I work with groups of people and use mass texts a lot to stay in contact with them. Keeping all of them in the same thread will make for a lot less confusion for me. Thanks for the heads up!

  • ndub21

    Of course there is always the option of using a 3rd party messaging app, but I love keeping my Nexus as stock as possible. I really like stock Android, I think Google does a great job with it.

  • Ankushpm

    I agree with u….google does a great job. ….