Android vs Apple..The user war…I am completely over it

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With the iPhone 5 being released…this beef has gotten completely out of hand.. I found it to be fun at first…but now its gotten rather repulsive and utterly stupid beyond belief…we have grown men completely arguing over which OS is better, it’s so bad now that it just feels like people are insulting each other’s mother.

Comment sections of literally every blog which the mention of either Android or IOS are disgusting with the amount of negative words thrown at ppl, it’s gotten to the point where they even are wish Ill will on a already dead Steve Jobs, while I am no fan, at least respect the dead.

I am done trying to wrap my mind about this vicious hate towards each other when at the end of the day we owe no obligation to either OS. This use to be fun wherew I could sit back and laugh at it, but people keep proving to me just how stupid, ignorant, and down right cruel they can be..and all this is over a mobile OS preference issue.

From now on I am trying my best to avoid sites like Engadget and the verge, because while I enjoy people’s opinion, it’s another thing when you’re just being a cunt just for the sake of being a cunt.

  • Dr.Carpy

    Irrational hate is incomprehensible. I agree with you totally that the beef is now stale. I’m tired of hearing about what one side did to the other. My friends that have iPhones are still my friends. But the back and forth is nauseating. Hopefully more folks will burn out like you have and turn the page on what truly is a preference issue like you’ve eloquently stated.

  • Nabucco

    I find it very idiotic that Apple’s “Fanboys” and Android’s are arguing over each others preference for their system, as you stated. What’s stupid is both sides want something from the other side of the spectrum and since they can’t have it they defend their tech with insults and general stupidity. Iphone fan boys want Android hardware specs, Android’s want IOS smoothness and the high PPI.
    Let’s chop off the head of this beast and create a Samsung Galaxy i3 with IOS 7 Android launcher. lol It’s got a quad-core processor, tegra 3 gpu, 4.4 inch samoled HD 1080p full-screen, 12-mega pixel camera w/zero shutter lag and quick shot(10 photos in 1 second).
    I think the phone would sell out immediately except to fan boys and droids. =P

  • Zig

    Don’t be so ignorant. It’s not like the war started when the iPhone 5 was announced. From the android supporter’s perspective, the war started (beyond just sharing opinions) when Apple turned nazi with patent disputes. With such bullish abuse of the patent system (just because you took existing technology and gave it a catchy name doesn’t mean you should be able to patent the original technology as well), even many iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac users turned against Apple. There’s still a butt-load of support for Apple as we’ve seen by just the pre-orders for the i5, but the opinions turned to hatred and bickering because of APPLE. You can’t blame the fanboys on this one. People like yourself can choose not to care, but the war isn’t between ecosystems as much as it is ideals. Corporate greed is the new holocaust. For the powerless, their argument that Android is better or iOS is better will be the battlefield. For the powerful (Apple), it’s the courtroom. And for those companies that posed a threat to Apple, feeling partly defeated because their weapons of creation were turned against them, though partly motivated because of injustice, their battlefield is innovation. What android users want is for a fair fight. Product against product. Innovation against innovation. What apple users want is for android to give up. Admit defeat.

    Now, some ignorant fool will probably comment and say “wtf bro? holocaust? really? no comparison!”

    The point is that the war heated up because Apple chose to use their power and $$$ to strong-arm and stifle competition. With the abuse of the patent and legal systems, they crossed the line. Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG: threats to apple’s profits. A polish grocery website. Really, Apple?

    What we need is for a bigger power (possibly government) to step in and stop what should already be illegal.

    And you… no one cares about your mother.

    • kazahani


    • FckYouZig

      Before the fucking patents? BEFORE THE MOTHER FUCKING PATENTS? Back then when Android was shit, people were praising it as if it’s the best dildo in the world.

      S Beam is a mother fucking piece of shit which USES Wi-Fi DIRECT AND NFC. These existed before. S Beam is a stupid piece of crappy shit with a stupid fancy name.

      S Voice is just a shitty voice assistant made to copy Siri.

      AMOLED isn’t cool enough? Let’s call it the SUPER AMOLED HD PLUS++!!!


      FUCK YOU, ZIG.

  • matt

    The government did step in.. the courts are the government. They are useless.

  • kazahani

    I’m so over iOS vs Android! I think I’ll go post about it on the internet!

  • kwills88

    Like i stated in my thread…i am not over it becauase of the iPhone5, i am over it because since the iPhone 5, it just got even more childish than it should be, it was all fun and games until people started taking things extremely seriously…i was having fun with it and was even taking part of the whole situation, thats until i saw just how low people started getting and it’s all over which OS is better…I am far from over Android vs iOS, i am however over the users fighting with each other which i am pretty certain is in the title of this thread..The thing about having an opinion and being a member of this site is that you can vent about what’s on your mind instead of keeping your thoughts to yourself and let it bug you in silence.

    Apparently some of you just qucky brush through my post without reading carefully and failing to see that this thread isnt a Apple Vs Android Thread but a thread about the users on both sides.

  • redraider133

    I never was really one to bash someone based on the phone or OS they choose. I have used android, IOS, WP, bb, webOs. And honestly if they work for you that is all that matters. It really seems some people get so worked up over something that really means so little.

    • philnolan3d

      Bashing or helping?

  • Christopher Chavez

    iPhone sux O_o

  • philnolan3d

    We have way more grown men arguing over which sports team is better. Is that any different? Are sports more important than phone OS’s? If so, why?

  • Matt

    We all could save our precious time from the this OS war and actually make money instead. That way we can afford phones with both OS because let’s face it each its own advantages.

  • Your 1st Grade Teacher

    Wow I thought I taught you better. Please have someone proof read your articles before hitting publish

    • kwills88

      considering i wrote all of it from my phone, i would say i am pretty impressed.

  • dannyboy

    Windows phone ftw.

  • daniel79

    I completely agree. I used to like watching it to begin with but its stupid. I honestly think people just like to argue. Its annoying. And ad the author said its everywhere. Glad to see people in here are like minded

  • Michael

    @Kwills88, I completely agree with you. Things are getting out of hand, it went for people bashing each others products to insulting individuals and generalizing. Even good old Samsung got into the action with their recent advert. Reading the comments of many of the individuals they label every iPhone user as an idiot and someone that can’t think for themselves, and I’m sure many iPhone users partake in the same mud slinging, you see the same thing with console fan boys and as someone also mentioned sports teams.

    I am also over this “User war” in general. There is just no justifying in insulting people, people don’t to have to justify THEIR choice, THEIR preference. I do not see what’s the point. To those that feel the need to attack people on forums and comment sections, does it do you any harm when someone chooses to buy a product you don’t like? No, respect peoples choices if it does not affect you.

  • golfpedaler

    I’m over it also…people take things way to serious. However, I do get tired of people watching me use my phone (Galaxy Nexus GSM) and they always seem to ask “Is that an iPhone?”. I usually just say “no, it’s a gPhone” and leave it at that…

  • The_Nick_Mello

    Honestly, it is a shame to hear people bashing their skulls together about the whole “Apple Vs. Android” argument, but more so, how easy it is to just let other people enjoy their products.

    Imagine a world where everyone wore the same sweaters, jeans, shoes, jackets and hats. That is the world that “Apple Fan Boys” (Users that prefer Apple products) and “Poor Dumb Copycats” (Users that prefer Android products) fight for without realizing. We could very well live in a world where one specific brand of each thing exists and there is zero choice in the world.

    OR…. we could embrace someone who wants a nice simple, sleek phone such as an iPhone or the “sandbox” customization and free to roam elements of Android, to enjoy what works for them. People have preferences, just like shades of color, music genres, movie genres, hobbies, ect.

    The Point: When you have your phone, in your pocket, with your contacts, applications, media and content, and you have your life to experience your product that you chose….WHY does it matter to ridicule or scrutinize flaws towards anything other than your choice?

    Simple…it DOESNT Matter!!! It does not affect your life, you just want to be the cool kid on the block and make others wish they were you.
    The clothes we wear is typical a construct of choice derived by discovery of finding out what works for you. Does it have to work for anybody else? Absolutely not!

    I am a EDM/Electro-Acoustic Artist and go to school for Product Design and Engineering Technology.

    I have a Macbook Pro 2010 13″, an iPhone 5, a Sony Vaio 2009 17″ VGN-FW560F Model and I am anticipating getting myself a Google Nexus 5.

    I am a technologist and I study the art of product design. That is the study of the outer design in synergy with its internal construct.

    2nd/Final Point: If you are not sure what is you, when needing to decide between two choices, try both. Do not listen to someone else talk about the product, witness the experience yourself if you can. I.E.; if you can mess with an iPhone 5, 5C, 5S whatever, and Google Nexus 5, or an HTC One, or a Windows phone. Find what is you, because in YOUR defense, you are the only one who will use your phone and need to be you doing it. So everyone else’s opinion is absolutely irrelevant.

    I hope that the future holds people with more understanding and more open points of view when looking at other peoples opinions.

    Here is the real WAR! ——–> Waste Our Lives Arguing about My Preference vs. Someone else’s VS. Getting over the rage of coming up with slap knee joke/remarks that make us feel good about ourselves and just do what you want to do instead.

    Think about it. The_Nick_Mello