Anyone use Straight Talk under T-Mobile yet?

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Ever since I heard about this back a few months I’ve been excited to try it. But since I was getting a new phone I descided to hold off. I got a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S iii which uses the new micro SIM cards. The problem is that Straight Talk doesn’t supply the micro SIM cards for T-Mobile yet. (RED FLAG) I’ve been checking every few weeks for the last 2 months, but nothing.

I can’t imagine why it’s taking them this long to acquire micro SIM cards that will work on T-Mobile. They are very prompt in responding to emails inquiring about this. I suspect the support is based in the Phillipines. (RED FLAG)

I’ve got a confirmation on xada dev that the AT&T micro SIM will not work for a T-Mobile phone. Plus somebody did cut down a full size Straight Talk T-Mobile SIM and it worked in their T-Mobile phone. Plus Straight Talk confirmed in support email that this would work. (RED FLAG) I’m not too anxious to start cutting SIMs. I’ve tried micro SIM to full size SIM adapters and they didn’t work out so well.

So all of these RED FLAGs has got me a bit leary about Straight Talk now.

Does anybody have any experience with these guys?

  • Jesse Moreno

    I have been meaning to do just this but have not taken the time out yet. Fortunately I don’t have to worry about a micro SIM but I am definitely cautious about the ambiguous data caps. As soon as I do switch over I’ll let you know my experience but in the meantime, anyone else move from T-Mobile to Straight Talk? I am very curious myself.

    • Dave Rollins super geek

      If u take ur regular sim card and a micro sim face the gold contacts up over lap the sim cards but make sure the gold contacts are lined up then cut around the edges of the micro thus cutting off the extra white plastic from ur regular sim bingo u now have a micro sim. I did this when switching from galaxy s2 to galaxy note 2. I didn’t want to hassle with getting a new sim and figured I had to get a new one either way so what’s the harm in trying and sure enough it worked. The actaul data chip is under the gold contacts and is the Sam

      • Dave Rollins super geek

        More questions call me 208-964-0089.

      • Andy A

        Ya man amazon sells a cutter for cheap and does the same shit Its plastic just cut it.

      • kg

        Don’t understand please email me

    • Dave Rollins super geek

      Yes it works perfect. Just don’t cut the gold contacts. The data chip is soldered to and part of the gold contacts the rest of a sim is just useless plastic. I succeeded on my first and only try so don’t be chicken. Just make sure u line up the gold contacts well before cutting or tracing.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    If you have a T-Mobile phone and want to do pre-paid, then I think T-Mobile Monthly 4G plans might be a better deal for you.

    Any any SIM card can easily be cut down to a micro SIM. I got a SIM cutter off Amazon for $5, but you could do it on your own.

    • jaxidian

      I’d definitely opt for the $5 option if I were you. I tried to cut one down and while I was very careful, it still had a pretty pathetic ending. :-P

    • Homncruse

      Agreed on the micro SIM point. A colleague of mine went with Straight Talk (AT&T) after I recommended it to him, and he bought a simple SIM cutter kit and cut it down to a micro SIM for his iPhone 4S. It’s worked perfectly for him so far. The same should be true of a T-Mobile SIM. Just double check the back of your T-Mobile SIM to make sure you wouldn’t be cutting away any of the gold. I just looked at my full-size T-Mobile SIM and most of the card is plastic with a very tiny gold chip. If, for some reason, your full-size T-Mobile SIM card has a full gold back, it’s time to get a new SIM card.

      • olc

        Most T-Mobile stores have a SIM cutter. If not, any local phone geek store will have one.

    • olc

      Which T-Mobile monthly plan is under $45 a month except the $30, 100 minute plan?

    • shaela

      I have a sgs2 with straight talk and u do not get anything but edge so I was wondering if I could switch to the t-mobile per paid 4g? any help is better then none Ty

  • EmagehtmaI

    Unlock it and use an AT&T SIM for it. The GS3 is absurdly easy to unlock. Here’s a youtube link that shows just HOW easy it is (no rooting required):

  • EmagehtmaI

    Actually, here’s a better video that shows exactly what you need to do, step-by-step:

  • OpenIntro

    FWIW, I just got my Nexus 4 today and jumped on the T-Mobile 4G pre-paid plan…

    I went with the $30 per month option which is unlimited text, unlimited data (up to 5GB at 4G speeds) and 100 minutes of talk. The catch with the minutes is that I am using GrooVe IP to make all of my calls, which uses my data (WiFi/4G/3G) instead of my minutes. I figured I would give it a shot and see how it goes. Setup was fairly easy. If it doesn’t work well, I’ll probably jump to Straight Talk.

    • olc

      GrooveIP isn’t the best one of the VOIP apps. Try Talkatone. Great on outgoing Haven’t tried it for incoming..

  • Mark

    I’m in the process of picking up a Galaxy Note II off of eBay and wanting to go with the T-Mobile Straight Talk sim. Since I live in Vegas, I’m under the impression that I have access to HSPA+ 42.

  • phssthpok

    I’d love to make the jump to a TMo plan but their coverage map is just too scary for me. Verizon doesn’t update their plans and are hellishly expensive, but their coverage is impressive. Good luck and thanks for a great discussion.

    • olc

      For $70 a month less I can take a bit less coverage. So far it’s not been a problem. If there someday is, I can call with my wife’s Page Plus (Verizon network) phone.

    • mary smith

      NO to T MOBILE! They sell phones that are 4G to people that only get 2G coverage. They have the most deceptive sales tactics, will tell you anything you want to hear on the phone and then you get the bill!!!! Or will switch things for you and yet disconnect your internet or drop other features without telling you. My husband and I had T mobile and his friends could not call his phone! They would call mine and then he would have to call them back. T Mobile could not fix or did not try after 3 calls to them. They even offered a cell signal booster to plug in at home..because we did not get 4G coverage on 2G, you have to love this the booster would not work because it would only operate on 4G —-Really? What part of no 4G here did they not understand. Stay away or make your getaway, it will not get better the lies only get bigger. They major on apologizing. “Oh I am sorry you have had this problem” ” Well that is terrible let me see what I can do to help” all meaningless when you upgrade phone, have to buy more data and expand your plan for a phone that will not function correctly without 4G coverage.

  • KingCrow02

    I enjoy my $30 month T-Mobile plan

  • can I use straight talk Samsung galaxy proclaim on t mobile

    can I use straight talk Samsung galaxy proclaim on t mobile because straight talk won’tteather wifi helllllllppppppp please

  • jared

    can I use straight talk Samsung galaxy proclaim on t mobile

  • dylan

    Im using a straight talk tmobile sim right now in my iphone 4. and yes it was a regular sized sim and i cut it.. works great no complaints. and i used everything apple pros videos on youtube to set the apn SETTINGS .. on 6.1

    • Jessica

      How did you do it? Did you trace it? I got the straight talk sim but not a micro and I have an Iphone 4 under AT&T it’s unlocked but of course the sim card is too big and I’m scared to cut it?

  • Marc

    As of 26 March 2013 StraightTalk says

    We regret to inform you that Straight Talk Wireless is not selling SIM cards that are compatible with AT&T devices anymore. You can just try to visit any selected Wal-Mart stores for you to get an AT&T Micro SIM card. It is currently available in Wal-Mart stores in the following eight states:
    1. California
    2. Georgia
    3. Illinois
    4. Massachusetts
    5. Missouri
    6. New Hampshire
    7. Pennsylvania
    8. Texas

  • tam

    I purchased a straight talk sim on ebay and then bought a Galaxy s2 off the street. I was able to port my number over to my existing straight talk account. It is working well. I would like to unlock the phone though and when i put in “*#7465625# it gives me an error message “Sorry! The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” i’ve tried it severl times and even after a hard reset i’m still getting the error. Anyone have suggestion???

  • Courtney

    Can I buy a tmobile samsung galaxy s3 WITH the contract and still put a straight talk sims card in it so it works off straight talk? Anyone that can help me please email me: [email protected]. …..thanks.

  • shakema

    Could I use a tmobile prepaid Sims card (regular sized) in a straight talk phone???

  • evelyn

    I have a Samsung galaxy 3 with straight talk and I want to go with T-Mobile. T-Mobile said to call my straight talk and get my acc #, so T-Mobile can connect my ohone with them but my question is will my phone work good with T-Mobile??

  • Stephen Whitfield

    the tmobile samsung galaxy s3 i have switched to straighttalk, but your service with the phone will not work the same as a verison or straightalk phone because it picks up signal like a tmobile phone instead of a verizon tower phone.