Anyone want Google Inbox invites?

Posted Dec 19, 2014 at 9:27 pm in Threads > Apps

I’m not sure how many I have. I haven’t given any out in a while. But if you want one, post your email here in a fancy way that I can read but in a way so that trolling robots don’t steal your address and spam you. I’ll periodically check in and send them out until I’m out.

  • Pepexe

    If you have one to giveaway my gmail address is just my name pepexe followed by the rest of it :)

  • Sylvia Bartlett

    Love to have an invite for Google inbox, sabartlett50 is my handle just add the… know the rest. Syl

  • Brooks Barnard

    Just sent you both invites. Enjoy!

  • jerrbomb

    I’m down to give one invite away as well

  • Tearist

    Would love an invite Tearistv & :)

    • jerrbomb

      You should have the invite

  • Hartmut

    I would love an invite as well! hartmut.hahn &!

    Merry Christmas!!

  • jerrbomb

    Okay Tearist I got you

  • Kaylo

    Yes Please. I’ve been looking around for those for a while now

  • Kaylo

    lombe.chileshe and it’s gmail

    • Brooks Barnard

      Did you get one, Kaylo?

  • j

    Hook it up..robot free…

  • jerrbomb

    I believe I have one more to give away.. The next person to to reply gets the invite so long as they come back on here and offer invites as well..

  • Dylan L Ungerer

    I’d like one if anybody has an extra thanks in advance

    • Brooks Barnard

      What’s your email, Dylan?

  • Dinko

    I would like an invite if anyone has one, please. My @gmail is dinkohaf

    • Brooks Barnard

      Sent, Dinko. Enjoy!

  • Vladimir Gatev


    Do you still have invites? If so please send one to [email protected]

    P.S @=a and 3=e