Apple buying Twitter????

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 11:43 am in Threads > Rumors

I just read that Apple is close to buying Twitter. What do you guys think about that?

  • bolanrox

    really? did they feel left out after FB bought instagram?

  • B2L

    It wouldn’t bother me, I have a Twitter account but never use it. It almost seems perfect, iOS users seem to have a thing for Twitter.

  • Chris Clark

    I think they are a little slow catching on to social. Twitter is slowly being replaced, but that’s not really a problem.

    The problem is in iOS itself. They built in Twitter sharing, but that’s it. If you want to write an app to share with any other service you have to manually figure out each individual API.

    Android is so much better with the Intents system. Any app can share with any other app that makes itself available. Boom, suddenly social everywhere!

  • bolanrox

    don’t get me wrong i enjoy twitter for what it is: facebook updates with no game requests :) i guess with adverts it generates some good revenue, but what would you really gain from it, blocking it off to only iOS / mac devices?

  • Taylor Wimberly

    If you read something, include a source link to the article next time :)

  • spazby

    sorry about that. also, i tried to reply to this but my reply would not post – is that because I started the thread or is your site having some issues? when i tried to post it again, i got a message duplicate post even though my original post was not showing… strange

  • Theolonious

    This may just be the push Google needs to get Google+ out there a bit more. Although I love twitter, let’s hope Apple doesn’t screw it up and Google takes advantage of this opportunity.

  • TopherM21

    Apple is great about closing things to only their platforms… I wonder what will happen the the twitterverse if they are acquired

  • tnnm

    As a shareholder, I’d be underwhelmed if such a transaction were to occur – I struggle to see the strategic value here unless Apple wants to eventually offer other online services like search. From a financial standpoint this transaction would destroy shareholder value in the near term (admittedly, not by much given Apple’s size).

    • spazby

      well, the idea is that twitter has a lot of data on its users and is not using it yet to make $s. apple can make it happen. this would be medium/long term play for them. This would actually be more beneficial to google as they can make money out of ads tailored to users very quickly…

  • Bryan Stoner

    Twitter is my outlet for Apple rage half the time. They would be inderectly owning the shit I talk about them. -A way to cope for the possibility.

  • danferan

    …that article really means nothing. That’s just some schmuck doing an opinion piece. I don’t think there’s a real valid business case (despite what it said in the “article”) for Apple to do such a thing.