Apple vs. Samsung case and its effect

Posted Aug 24, 2012 at 5:58 pm in Threads > Opinions

so now that the verdict came in what do you all think this will mean for samsung? I know it most likely will go through appeals and all but will it have an immediate impact on samsung’s phones and tablets? Maybe a completely redesigned UI or even better stock android? Thoughts..

  • kwills88

    This loss can end up being a good thing for us by forcing Samsung to go into AOSP and kill touchwiz for US phones…or they can just come up with an even better version of touchwiz ux..people need to remember though, this only affects older Samsung phones and not newer ones with the exception of the galaxy nexus and other phones that only need a software update to solve its problems…I just hope this doesn’t scare off other OEMs from android. I hope google can get everyone and the same page and keep android going strong.

    • redraider133

      It only affects the older phones *for now* apple already has the sgs3 in their sites and I am sure will take them to court for that and whatever other new phones samsung comes out with. I honestly hope this fuels samsung to make an even better UI

  • sword_zero001

    I don’t think anything good will came out of this, even for Samsung 1.04 billion is a lot of money, plus the Galaxy S3 was clearly trying to steer away from the iPhone design (despite claiming it wasn’t designed by lawyers) so any changes that we could hope for already happened.
    I agree with Samsung’s answer to the verdict, Apple just got a patent for a rectangle with rounded corners (I know later more documents regarding UI and different things surfaced but let’s face it this all started with a rectangle). And after such massive hit other companies will be afraid and the phones WILL be designed by lawyers thus killing innovation.
    Also I can’t help to wonder “Why did each company won on their countries?”, “What happened to being impartial?”, “Why did Apple got only a 30K fine in Korea?”, “When the jury was selected did they asked each one of them what phone did they use?”

  • CTown

    Samsung pretty much asked for it… TouchWiz blatantly ripped off iOS to an obvious (I have the Vibrant, I know) extent. It’s not about the square icons (which HTC used in their Espresso UI on the MyTouch phones they built), the icons themselves were taken straight from iOS. I’m pretty sure Google didn’t exlcude a “scroll to far” effect until Gingerbread just for kicks. Not only that Google made their own original effect to warn the user that there is no point to try scrolling anymore (the overglow effect). Looking at the damage count it really seems that nothing Samsung got in trouble for is a part of Android itself (except perhaps the zooming releated stuff).

    My guess is that the only reason Samsung’s tablets didn’t infringe is because of Google. Unlike Apple, Google made an UI more fitting for tablets; meaning that the version of Android used by Samsung tablets is not “smart-phone-ish” enough to be turned into an iOS clone.

    No other Android manufacture uses the button layout used by Samsung in their Galaxy S phones. The other OEMs know it is a (pointless) risk. That layout is not even “Android”The best part of the trial is when Apple showed how Meego doesn’t infringe Apple’s “dress claims”, meaning Apple publicly stated that they have nothing on OEMs who actually do their own thing.

    I think Apple frequently does wrong things (like getting the GNex banned on search-related patents). TouchWiz3 (which is what the Galaxy S1 phones run) is a rip off iOS. Samsung had it coming.

  • shaun76

    Hopefully it will force Samsung to innovate more than ever before. Clearly, with the S3, they moved away from Apple inspired designs, and with this verdict, I think they’ll continue that trend.