Application Requirments

Posted Sep 01, 2012 at 6:12 am in Threads > Apps

Has anyone found a way of seeing a list of requirements for apps on Play or any other app store?

I know it can be obvious sometimes, when tegra 3/nvidia/specific device is mentioned but other times not so much.

I get so frustrated as to why I can’t download a certain game or app on occasion. I recently had a problem with local store’s loyalty card app. I could install it on my old Xperia x10 mini (Gingerbread) but not on my HTC Sensation XE with ICS (at that time). Then when I upgraded to a JB rom, the app installed fine.
I even emailed the developer to ask, and they had no idea.

I’ve even tried messing about with the modded vending play store, but that only lets me download apps available in different regions.

I can usually find an .apk to force install manually but that’s not always an option with the lesser used/local apps.

Play should definitely introduce a requirements list on each apps page. Perhaps it’s not that simple. Any devs here?
Any insight would be interesting.

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    I don’t really know anything about developing but I reckon they should at least put some basic stuff such as CPU type (ARMv6/7,etc) and CPU frequency. It shouldn’t be hard to implement so just laziness on the dev’s part and/or Google’s for not requiring it