Are gaming exclusives hurting your Android experience?

Posted May 18, 2012 at 10:16 am in Threads > Apps & Games

Gaming exclusives, mostly everyone has heard of them at this point in time. We have THD (Tegra exclusives), Xperia Play exclusives, Qualcomm GameCommand, and games with specific features only available for Samsung devices. There are even games exclusive to different app stores like Amazon, or Getjar.

Sure, we do have an alternative to play these games, even if you don’t own a device with the correct hardware. Chainfire3D is a great alternative, but this solution is only for root users, and can be quite confusing to the average gamer.


This whole experience can be a mess to the average user. Most of the great graphic intensive games, start out, or stay as exclusives. But the real question is why? Does this end up making the developers more money, than if they were to release it for multiple SOC’s at the same time? Making games exclusive tends to cause a lot more problems than it solves, most games that do this are harder to find, and they can be available in multiple different markets. We can’t just search the Play Store and expect to find them all. Most of the hype tends to fade away after the first few months. By the time most exclusive games are available, I have likely forgotten about them.

Does this need to change? Or do you feel like this is a benefit for buying a device with a specific SOC?

  • skugern

    As a potential game buyer, I’m frustrated over this issue – it’s very convoluted and confusing.

    On the other hand, I can understand that some of the high end game makers don’t want their games to be loaded onto a low-end phone only to have the user give the game a terrible review.

    • B2L

      I completely understand that, I just don’t see why they can’t exclude the low end devices that wouldn’t be able to run it. The Mali-400MP in my Galaxy Note is more than capable to run some of these newer THD games, but usually I have to wait for the non Tegra version, which can take 3 or more months.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I’ve never been impressed by Android games. They always seem to be the same thing over and over, hack, slash, run, shoot, hack, slash run, shoot rinse and repeat.

    Even when I’m able to take advantage of an exclusive I haven’t been impressed. Of course I complain about the same things with my Xboxes.

    • B2L

      Aren’t pretty much all games like that? I tend to enjoy games for the story line more than anything.

      • Ironzey Lewis

        The ones with a good story are better but I haven’t run into any with a good story.

  • Jiltedae

    Yes, I always feel a little jealous when I see a great looking game that is released exclusively for a device that I do not own. The great THD exclusives help me to quickly move on from that jealousy, though.

    I can appreciate why these games are tied to a certain device; manufacturers are always looking for a way to set their product apart from the competition, and making deals with game companies for exclusives is an effective tactic.

    • B2L

      I just don’t see it as a selling point. Do people specifically buy Tegra devices to take advantage of Tegra Zone?

      • Jiltedae

        You never know. If a person is in the market for an android device, and they have it narrowed down to device A and device B, knowing that a game that the person is interested in is only available on device A may be enough to convince the person to get device A.

  • tmihai20

    If the exclusives are meant for devices that have been sold in good numbers, then the exclusives are good. From what I have seen until now, the exclusives have not helped the gaming developers that much. Most of them had to optimize their code for other devices so they could get better coverage. Developers should try to get their games on devices like the Samsung Galaxy or the One series, by targeting OEM partners, not specific hardware platforms.

    • B2L

      Exactly, just imagine how great things would be for developers if they managed to get some exclusives for the Galaxy line. Millions of GS2′s and Galaxy Note’s have been sold. The only thing Samsung users have gotten, was early access to levels on Angry Birds Space.

  • Gash

    I’m disappointed with the whole tegra store. There should be a store for high end devices. It’s ruining the store. Dark meadow and horn for example could easily run on my sgs3 and I can’t play them as it doesn’t have a tegra processor. Load of balls if u ask me and they losing money cos I’m willing to buy them