Are smartwatches a waste of time?

Posted Feb 15, 2013 at 11:10 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Samsung looking to compete or give a preemptive strike on apple’s plans for a smart watch. I can imagine apple saying 1.5 inch is the right size for watch and android releasing 2-3 inch smartwatches and rekindling the size debate.

Do you all think these are worth the price? or better put, how much would you pay?

  • yurma415

    for me, it depends on what they do. smart phone screen size has increased incrementally each of the last few years, and it might get to the point for me where i don’t want to get it out each time just to check a text or change music player settings or turn off the ringer.

    if they properly integrate fitness features like those in the fuel band and the fitbit flex, i think that it might be.

    i hope this is where samsung has the first commercial use of their flexible display tech.

    i’m willing to throw down a little cash for gadgets (pre ordered a pebble), but i think for the mainstream masses, unless it looks really quality, sub $100 is the place to me.

    • GreenGriffin

      I fully agree with comments regarding fitness features. Assuming a smartwatch performs “standard” features – music controls, reading texts etc – I would be inclined to buy it if it tracked movements/steps/sleep etc, or if it had internals allowing for apps to add this functionality (so I guess would need gyroscopes and all those other nice things).

      I guess I would almost be looking for it to be able to stand on it’s own (within reason, not expecting cellular connectivity), and just become even between when my phone was within range (so, potentially even have GPS ability?).

      (given those kinds of features I could see paying $150-$200 maybe – but I would think for normal audiences that would be priced too high)

  • Teebor

    Having owned the LiveView I would say that Smart watches are cool and I would really love one again. The LiveView however had “Problems” so I stopped using it after a while :(

    If they get the design right it would be amazing, and I half expect to see Samsung use their flexible screen technology in the device to make it better fitting. They will probably put the most recent bluetooth in it as well to reduce battery consumption and make it compatible primarily with their own phones (a cunning move imho)

    The cost is what will bother me though, all these things will not be cheap and at around the £100 mark might be the best place but anything higher and you might as well just buy a new phone

  • kazahani

    Yes. They are.

  • vforvortex

    I was searching online and came across this watch ..

    I am wondering now if due to the size constraint, maybe a G1 style ball would also be usefull better than having a full touch screen only.

  • kazahani

    Bahahaha waste of “time” I just got it!

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I purchased 3 smartwatches last year. Sony Smartwatch was my fav for its color multitouch screen. MetaWatch Strata was kind of bulky and hard to use. Pebble looks like fun, but my Kickstarter preorder still hasn’t shipped.

    I’m hoping Sony or Sammy comes out with a killer smartwatch this year. The features that have been missing and I would like to see include heart rate monitoring, voice input, and better display.

  • Raveesh Bhalla

    I love my Motoactv, and I haven’t even rooted it. Primarily it’s been there as a fitness device, and I’m honestly in much better shape than before. I’m also using it a bit to try some design work by creating custom clockfaces.

    Once I get some time, I’m planning on rooting and creating a few apps that I feel would really add quality to it, since I’m interested in contextual awareness of devices and feel a smartwatch might be a better device in some circumstances.

  • MC_Android

    lol +1 I like what you did with the title.

    I still prefer a classic watch, simple and gets does what it’s suppose to do; plus you can wear it with formal attire.