Are you still buying the HTC One?

Posted Mar 29, 2013 at 3:30 pm in Threads > Opinions

As we’ve all waited patiently (or not so patiently if you’re like me) for the HTC One to finally launch, I’ve found myself leaving increasingly snarky comments on HTC USA’s Facebook posts, other Android forums, etc. about HTC’s inability to effectively sell what I believe to the be the best made mobile phones on the planet.
Well last night I think I had a small personal epiphany about this delay and I wanted to get your thoughts on the matter.
It dawned me, as we near closer and closer to April, that the last revolutionary new phone I purchased was the HTC One S, on April 25, 2012 (launch day). That means even if the One doesn’t launch for three more weeks, it will still be within the one year anniversary of my current, top tier device. Am I really so desperate for an upgrade that I can’t wait patiently for HTC to get it right?
… Which leads me to second thought: how often have we found ourselves bitching out the fat cat corporate capitalists who enslave themselves to shareholders and force new hardware, platforms, applications, etc. to market before they are ready, just meet an arbitrary deadline defined by people who only see the bottom line?? Almost every major player has been guilty of this over the past 4 years, including our beloved Google (Nexus Q, anyone?) Now, granted, HTC should be able to do both: release a bug-free, ready-for-market, device, and release it on time, BUT, as we all know, shit happens, and when they realize (for instance) that the picture quality from their new flagship camera isn’t meeting their high standard, would you, as a consumer rather they ignore it, push the device to market, and plan to fix it with an update later; or identify the issue, determine the fix, and make sure the finished product to market does, in deed, meet their standard for quality?
And this leads me to my final thought. A couple of weeks ago A&Me posted a poll asking if you planned to buy the One, the G4, Moto X Phone, or Something else. Last I checked the One was beating the G4 57% to 18%. I’m really curious to hear how those of you who named the One as your next device have been affected, if at all, by the product delay. Has anyone decided to pass on this device because of the delay? Have the increased rumors surrounding the Moto X Phone, or the official launch date of the G4 swayed any fence sitters? For me, I am still fully committed to buy the HTC One, and am finding the wait interminable; but wait I shall. What say you?


    The answer is no. (I posted a thread the other day voicing my displeasure). I buy and use phones, that’s what I do! I wanted it and they delayed it so no. I have a growing blog that covers all OS’s so I decided to get a Windows Phone instead to get familiar with the OS so I could write articles about that. Instead of the One, I will get the Moto X phone when it is released. If I don’t like it, that rumored button on the back has me nervous, I will wait for the next Nexus. My Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 will give me my Android fix in the meantime.

  • thymeless

    No, especially after the ifixit tear down. The design, while slick, is not flexible. Unfixable, no expansion options. It’s designed as a throwaway. Too apple-esque for me.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I’m buying the unlocked One!

    • CTown

      The one for $650? HTC is basically charging you $70 to unlock your bootloader. I wonder if the bootloader for the open model can be flashed on the closed model if they really are the same device… but of course I wouldn’t be the first to try it!

    • Vance

      I’ll probably get the t-mobile version since I can expense the equipment charge on my phone bill when buy the subsidized handset. Taylor, A&me should do a poll contest to pick the US launch date :)

  • redraider133

    If it comes to verizon maybe, but with what seems to be such short shelf life and not the best support from HTC I am hesitant to buy another device from HTC. Luckily my upgrade isnt until June so if it does come to verizon by then plenty of reviews should be out and see if it will be the phone and not replaced a couple months later and forgotten about.