Are you switching to T-Mobile?

Posted Mar 26, 2013 at 11:24 am in Threads > News

With all of these recent changes that T-Mobile is making (LTE, no contracts, iPhone, the most-banded phones available, etc.), is this tempting you to switch over to good ol’ Magenta or not?

I’ve been a customer of T-Mobile’s for about a year and I’ve LOVED their service and their prices. I made the jump from Big Red to T-Mobile about a year ago and am still very happy with the switch. I understand that they simply are not an option for many people because of network coverage, and that’s a shame. So if you’re not fully aware of that, I encourage you to go get a cheap phone and a cheap prepaid plan from T-Mobile first to test with to ensure they have good coverage for you before making the move! But I really am curious how many customers T-Mobile is going to win over with these changes. And I’m specifically interested in what YOU think about this because I know YOU aren’t just another potential customer for them but you’re actually an influencer, which means you could be an additional 50 new customers for them!

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I have been a T-Mobile customer on and off for around 7 years. I’m currently with the MVNO Solavei on T-Mobile, and I have no plans on leaving.

    Things will get really exciting when Google starts to push the price of unlocked devices down even further. You can already get a Nexus 4 at $299, but it will be a lot more attractive when they have a flagship unlocked device at $199.


      I don’t see the words rumor or allegedly in your comment so I’m gonna run with it and assume that the Motorola X phone will start at $199 :). I won’t mind adding another $100-$150 to make it feature rich.


    1. Unlimited everything for $70
    2. LTE is now here
    3. Ablility to bring unlocked phones to network.

    Sounds like a winning formula. Been on T-Mobile since 2007. Glad they are changing for the better.

  • redraider133

    If they can expand their coverage outside of major metro areas I will switch. I am hoping with the metro merger this will happen because I would switch in a heartbeat once they expanded their coverage.

  • yurma415

    i just reupped with my carrier, so i won’t even be able to consider until 16 months from now. i hope that the other carriers decide to match at least part of tmo’s plans and drop monthly rates when subsidies for phones have been covered.

  • thymeless

    I’ve already been using T-mobile as a month to month customer on my Galaxy Nexus. Has been a great combination. $30/mo for 5 gigs internet unthrottled, higher is throttled. Unlimited text, 100 minutes talk. But with Google Voice, VOIP and wifi most places, it works like a charm. Cheap and effective.

  • pliu.2014

    No there was a breakdown on some website. I forget which one but it said that individuals get a savings of 50 dollars but the family plan is not worth it.

    • DroidPower

      i think the family plan is worth it. its 80 dollars for 2 lines of unlimited texts and voice, with each line having 500 mb of data. each additional line is 10 dollars with unlimited texts and voice and 500mb data. the data is actually unlimited since they throttle your speeds after your limit. i think this is the best plan available for any family.

      • herbivore83

        You left out some important features in your assessment of the plan. I understand that’s the marketing angle, but people will likely get unlimited data on top of the unlimited talk & text. Do that for 4 lines and your total now is $180. Then you also left out the part where you have to buy phones for your family. Let’s say you get four iPhone 5′s, your bill now goes up to $260 for the first two years. On Verizon, a 4-line family smartphone plan with 8GB shared data is $250.

  • LucenNox

    When I go to college, I’ll be getting the $30 plan, but we don’t even have T-mobile in the state here. (yay Montana)

  • irishrally

    tmo is offering a free car dock with the HTC One now … web only, while supplies last.